Spookiest Places In The U.S

Spookiest Places In The U.S

We all know the United States as a land of blue skies and sandy beaches, but did you know millions of ghost stories reside in this place? With the centuries-old history and colorful characters, you can find some of the most haunted places in the US.

Lost souls, unseen spirits lingering on the streets, structures buildings of the most haunted cities in America. If you are interested in learning about the scariest places in the US.

Moundsville Penitentiary

This was one of the oldest (more than 100 years old) and most violent correctional facilities in America. Moundsville penitentiary was the end destination of more than 1,000 criminals, where they lived in cramped quarters leading to riots. Many criminals died in electric chairs, hanged and murdered by other prisoners. The prison closed in 1995; however, people believe there are many tortured spirits still haunting in the bowels and behind the bars of the prison. They can be heard and seen during a tour of Moundsville Penitentiary. 

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Also known as the Weston State Hospital, this lunatic asylum used to house more than thousands of mentally ill people. Started in 1864 and closed in 1994, many people have died in this asylum. It is one of the most haunted places in the US. Many spirits haunt in this place, dating back to the Civil War era when this asylum ground was used as a military post. The tourists are allowed a 2-hour tour of the four main spots of this asylum. You can also go on an intense ghost hunt for 8-hour at night and experience the paranormal activities with professional ghost hunters. 

Villisca Axe Murder House

The old white house located on 508 E Second St became a spot of the major crime scene on June 10, 1912. The whole town was shocked by the ghastly murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, four children, and two young girls overnight. A resident of this small town (Villisca, IA) has reported visions of a man roaming around with an ax, and sound of crying children, and other paranormal activities. The house was restored to the original condition without any electricity or plumbing connection, which makes the ambiance more chilling. You can go on a lamplight tour from April to November and also stay the night by prior reservation. This is among the scariest places in the US.

Sammie Dean

Jerome, an old copper mining town, is the most haunted city in America. Dating back to the wild west, this town holds a paranormal reputation and is now home to only 400 residents. According to legends, many more ghostly residents reside in this town since the days of mining, gunfights, and accidents. One famous spirit of this haunted town is a working girl named Sammie Dean, who was a prostitute strangled but a client in the old Crib District. People have seen her beautiful spirit roaming around in alleys looking for her murderer, who ran away.

Cuban Club

Popularly known as Circulo Cubano de Tampa was a popular hangout spot for Cuban immigrants in 1917. People used to enjoy ballroom, cantina, and outdoor bandshell with a dance floor and stage. Now its compound is under the protection of the National Historic Register, and many special events, concerts are held here. People have many ghost stories about the spirits playing piano and elevators riding up and down on their own. 

Fort Mifflin

This fort was built in 1771 and is America’s only revolutionary war battlefield that is still in proper condition. There is a total of 14 restored buildings situated on the banks of the Delaware River. Fort Mifflin is one of the most haunted places in the US and is known to be housed by plenty of spirits. One of the many spirits is a screaming woman crying aloud, so loud that once Philadelphia police had to go there to investigate but found no one. Other spirits told in the local ghost stories include a faceless man roaming around in the fort, children, dogs, and a tour guide dressed in a revolutionary outfit.

Moon River Brewery

This famous brewery bought beer to Savannah in 1999 and is the oldest building in the oldest town dating back to 1821. Back in the days, this place was a high-end City Hotel with a violent history during the Civil War. Many men were killed, including Yankee, during heated fights and were brutally beaten to death in 1860. Many bar patrons have reported mysteriously flying bottles in the air and guests being pushed, slapped, and touched by unseen forces. 

Sultan’s Palace

Sultan’s Palace is one of teh most haunted places in the US. This Classic French Quarter located at 716 Dauphine St is made has a large courtyard and wrought-iron balconies. During the 1800s, this residence was a horror house for a wealthy sultan who had multiple wives and young kids kept against their will. The neighbors used to report complaints about this man and his mysterious habits of party, depraved lifestyle, torture, and opium. However, the demise of the Sultan was the greatest mystery of all times. He was buried alive in his courtyard, and the family was brutally killed to pieces by a perpetrator. People complain about his angry spirit making unusual noises. Strong incense smell and loud music coming from his house and female visitors complain about the Sultan still practicing his old habits and groping female visitors.

Calcasieu Courthouse

Toni Jo Henry has been the town’s talk since the 1940s in Lake Charles Town when she killed a man in cold blood. She was a prostitute who enticed a man to give her a ride in his pickup truck when she was walking on the highway with a friend. She was on her way to escape her lover from the Texas prison. A total of 3 trials were conducted to convict the wily Toni Jo, who used to charm the jury in the courtroom and the jail staff. She was known as the Tiger Girl and became the first woman to die in an electric chair in 1942. People believe that her spirit still lingers in the courtroom to date, and workers feel her presence, screams, and smell of burning hair. People also say that she disturbs the courthouse’s daily life by locking rooms, touching office equipment, etc.

Stanley Hotel

Stanley hotel situated in Estes Park, Colorado, inspired by the best-selling book Stephen King now turned into a horror film-The Shinning. A Massachusetts couple opened the doors to this isolated resort in 1909 and never left. According to the staff working in the resort, they can hear Mrs. Stanley playing Steinway piano at night in teh music room and Mr. Stanley showing up in photographs occasionally. People have reported lights turning on and off, bags being unpacked and children laughing in the hallways. According to the Paranormal experts, the Stanley Hotel is the most haunted place in the US with the most active ghosts. There is a TV in every guest bedroom that plays The Shinning on loop 24-hour.

East Martello Fort, Key West

Robert The Doll is a haunting doll in this East Martello Fort. There are many spooky stories about him. Once a favorite childhood toy of a local boy in the neighborhood, Robert Eugene Otto called Gene. Gene once received a handmade doll, and everything changes since that day. Once his parents heard some disturbing sounds from his room and then heard Gene screaming. Parents ran towards his room and found it locked, and Gene was constantly screaming for help. When the gate finally opened, they found the furniture was knocked over, items spread all over, and the room was in disarray and found the poor Gene shivering with fear. He only uttered only one word, “Robert did it.”

The Whaley House

It is one of the most significant and most haunted places in the US. The Whaley house has a very rich and torrid past, including the Violet Whaley suicide and the hanging of Jim Robinson Yankee; all of these took place before the house was built. Visitors have reported strange sounds and events and sights of people in the Whaley house. Disembodied voices, heavy footsteps, images of Thomas Whaley and his wife who spooky people and frightening them when touring the house. Many other ghosts have also been seen because the house had been a resident of many families over the years. 

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Final Words:

Some souls refuse to leave their place, and it proved true in these cases. The list, as mentioned above, of most haunted places in the US includes all the scariest places in the US where people are allowed to go on a tour and may also get a chance to spend one full night doing ghost hunting.


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