Romantic Cruise Lines For Couples

Romantic Cruise Lines For Couples

Ever dreamt of sailing the high seas that incite romance? The romantic setting, with charming dinners, cultural programs, picturesque sunsets, and relaxing spas, is like a dream come true. Whatever you dream, all these are on offer onboard some of the best cruise lines for couples. The romantic setups of cruise lines for couples make them widely popular among the love birds. 

Some of the best cruise lines for couples, which we have listed in the article after reviews, offer everything for a perfect romantic getaway. The delightful, delicious dinners, fascinating destinations, and fantastic entertainment options with luxury accommodations are some things you will find on the cruise lines we have listed. 

In the article, we have listed the cruise lines specifically based on ideas for a perfect couple vacation. Along with finding the facilities which are on offer onboard these cruise lines, we have also listed some of the other aspects like destinations and budget for the ships. The article’s information will help you choose the best cruise lines for couples for your next intimate vacation. 

What To Know When Booking A Cruise Line?

Questions to ask when booking a cruise is what can make or break your perfect couple vacation. Thus we bring you some of the questions which you should have answers for before booking. 


Yes, this is one of the questions you must ask as it is what puts a cruise in the list of best cruise lines for couples. Romantic destinations on the cruise line visiting list are what make the difference. It also matters as some lines may have city destinations, while some may give preference to natural attractions. Therefore choose according to what you like the most. 


This is yet another question that you must ask as sailing from the cities and anchoring is something that impacts. Sailing and anchoring time will tell you how much time you are going to get in your favorite romantic destination. It also determines whether it suits your holiday plan or not. 


The services which are available on a ship can make it worse or best cruise lines for couples. Yes, that is because the service impacts experience like it would not be a good experience if you want a romantic dinner with your better half, but the cruise doesn’t facilitate it. What’s the use of an intimate cruise if you can’t enjoy the company of your better half? Thus always ask yourself what facilities or services do you want in a cruise line before booking. 

Top Cruise Lines For Couples

Some of the best cruise lines for couples you can book for an all-included romantic getaway with your better half are:

Princess Cruises

What can be more romantic than a ‘movie under stars’ while lying on a reclining chair in the middle of the ocean on a pool deck? Yes, this is what you can get on the princess cruises. Other things which you will love on this cruise line is a deck with shades with full waiter services. 

You can also get a couple massage on this cruise, which will take your relaxation experience to the next level. The ultimate balcony dinner option on this ship is what we recommend if you want to have a once in lifetime dinner date experience with your sweetie. Specialty restaurants, multicourse meals, romantic dinners, private cabins, and more are some of the services which make this cruise line one of the best cruise lines for couples. 

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Want a romantic tropical vacation? If yes, the Gauguin cruise is the answer. What makes this cruise one of the best cruise lines for couples is its services and year-round service. Another amazing thing about this cruise is that it is a specifically designed cruise line for tropical festivity. 

But what makes this ship different from others? Well, the answer is the destinations it takes you to. The cruise takes you to some of the best lush and remote island vacation destinations, which will give you that intimate feel. The destinations of the cruise literally turn up the romance a notch up with their privacy and couple friendly environment. 

Another great thing about this cruise is that it is an inclusive ship which includes beverages and cocktails. Thus it is easy on your wallet and doesn’t break your budget. The services on the cruise include its deck band for a romantic cheek to cheek couple dance, or you can go for a stargazing dinner. 

Aren’t these services amazing? If yes, hold on as there are more as the ship also has many more services like french style food options and more. All these services with superb staff are some of the things which makes this one of the best cruise lines for couples. 

Windstar Cruises

The windsurf is a cruise ship, as well as a sailboat that gives you the experience of a hybrid cruise blend. The ambiance aboard this ship is perfect for relaxation. The services, which include multiple destination visits and eateries, are some of the things that will fascinate you. 

The destination for these cruise lines includes the Mediterranean, baltic and Caribbean, which makes it stand out from other cruise lines. So if you wish to visit these destinations that are often ignored by big cruise lines, then the Windstar is for you.

If you want to experience a baltic cruise with a candlelight dinner under the star, then this is one the best cruise lines for couples you can opt for. You can also enjoy the local cruise aboard this cruise, which is a unique feature of this cruise line. 

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise, one of the best cruise lines for couples

The freestyle dining of the Norwegian cruise line is what makes it stand out the song the other cruises. Other than this, what makes this cruise line one of the best cruise lines for couples is its nonstop entertainment for active couples along with private spaces for couples to reconnect. 

The go-kart games aboard this ship are what makes it perfect for active couples where they can compete on who is gonna shoot more zombies. The spa treatments, couple relaxation rooms, thalassotherapy pools, and many more services on this cruise line is something that will make it a memorable experience for you. 

Other than this, you can enjoy the stunning view without worrying about the cold as the observation deck here is glass-enclosed. After you are done, you can enjoy the live performance of a Beatle style rock band with a glass of cocktail. But if you don’t want to do this, you can go for a stop in the Mojito bar to enjoy some Latin tunes and try salsa with your sweetie. 

Some more attractions at this cruise include a vintage cellar bar, a dedicated steakhouse, a french eatery, and more. These services aboard these cruise lines make it one of the best cruise lines for couples. 

Azamara cruises

To experience the charm of bonding over some adventurous experience ashore is something everyone will love. The Azamara cruise lines, with its three cruise ships, offer you a unique lifetime experience. 

The date night dinner settings onboard and on shores is something that makes this ship different from others. What is distinctively amazing about this cruise line is that it is specifically set for adults. Thus you can enjoy the romantic company of your better half without worrying about feeling awkward in front of intruding children. 

You can go for ballroom dancing or enjoy private places packages aboard this ship to cherish the bond of love with your better half. In private packages, you get the aft spa deck all for yourself along with a private butler, candlelight dinners, and a thalassotherapy pool to float in. The only thing to be cautious of when enjoying your couple’s time on this deck is to slip the rope back on before the butler comes to serve you in the morning. 

If the private deck is not your cup of tea, then you can also enjoy dinner for two at the specialty restaurants aboard this cruise. Other services on this cruise include a steakhouse, Italian Acqualina, BBQ’s food, and more. These amazing facilities on this cruise make it one of the best cruise lines for couples. 


A cruise vacation can be the best romantic vacation you can have as a couple. It is something that will let you enjoy and cherish that bond of love. 

In the article, you will find a list of some of the best cruise lines for couples, which will help you choose the one for you. Other than this we have also put some of the questions which you must have answered before booking a cruise. 

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