Scuba Diving In Florida- Best Sites For Beginners And Intermediate

Scuba Diving In Florida- Best Sites For Beginners And Intermediate

What comes into your mind when you hear of Florida. Scuba diving, Disney, and humidity, these three things must come into your mind. Do you know scuba diving in Florida is one of the most famous scuba diving sites in the world. There are several interesting facts regarding scuba diving in Florida like it is the only one living coral barrier reef in the united states of America. Florida’s east coast is open in the Atlantic oceans while the west coast is open to welcome the medical gulf. Florida has one of the best white beaches in the world as it is surrounded by white sandy beaches and the tropical water welcomes the tourist for all kinds of water sports and adventure.

The east coast of Florida has a very wide diversity in marine life. It is just a five miles coast and has thousands of marine species. This is because of the Mexican golf stream. 

The high abundance of marine density makes scuba diving in Florida very famous. The state is also doing a great job of protecting the coral reef and marine life. If you are on a trip to Florida and searching for the internet for scuba diving near me. Then you do not need to worry, we have compiled some of the best scuba diving sites in Florida for you. 

Scooba Diving In Florida (Best Sites)

We have compiled some of the best scuba diving sites in Florida in this listing. This listing might differ from other sites. Because we have considered them on the basis of difficulty, depth, accessibility, visibility, and different sea life. Here are the top 5 sites for scuba diving in Florida.

West palm beach 

West palm beach is famous for its diverse marine life and special reefs. This location has numerous things to offer you. Florida is famous for the best sea life and marine density which comes with golf stream. The gulf stream is the most important addition for this site, it is the world’s second-largest oceanic steam. It flows at speed of 4.7km/hour, and for this, you do not need to any far than the coast. You can experience this in the 1.6 km area off the beach.

The best time for scuba diving is May to September. You can witness floating sharks, sailfish, angelfish, octopus, turtles, seahorses, and goliath grouper. It feels like an underwater zoo. And gives you the best experience of scuba diving in Florida. Off white palm beach has several coral reefs and diving spots. And if you are a beginner you should try dive locations of the west palm beach. 

Williston Devils Den 

This coral reefis for the intermediate difficulty level scuba divers. As the depth of this coral reef is 50 feet to 65 feet. And the visibility of the seawater is 150 feet. It is one of the best scuba diving sites in Florida. It is named on the name of Florida’s only underwater prehistoric devils den. In the wintertime, the steam coming from the springs fed cave water feels like the smoke of hell(the name given by the localities). Some thousand of years ago a karst window formed when the roof of the cave collapsed.

One can witness the 2 million years old artifacts at the bottom of the cave. Williston offers the best crystal clear water and a maximum depth of 65 feet. The deeper areas are prohibited for the ordinary scuba driver. You can hire a professional trainer if you want to explore the unexplored areas of Florida coral reefs. The temperature of the water is a constant top 22 degrees in centigrade. And the wetsuit of 3mm is most comfortable. 

Key Largo Molasses reef

This coral reef is for the intermediate difficulty level scuba divers. As the depth of this coral reef is 25 feet to 60 feet. And the visibility of the seawater is 100 feet. It is one of the best scuba diving sites in Florida. The accessibility of the coral reef is from the boat and the notable thing for reef sharks. If you are on the trip to Florida then you must not miss the chance to experience the wast coral reefs species of Key largo molasses reef.

This reef exists for a very long time and now it is home to many of the marine species. The reef shape is exactly the same as the original because of the REEF (Reef environmental education foundation). These reefs are the most famous coral reefs of Florida which offer the best vibrant marine life in shallow dives. One can witness the most famous coral reef like elkhorn, staghorn, fire, brain, and elkhorn coral. 

Williston Blue Grotto  

This one easily accessible and best for beginners. The depth of the reef is 20 feet to 100 feet. It is Florida’s largest clear water cavern. And considered as the best diving site. This cave is a gem for beginners. This site has been taken care of very well and the state has also worked to save the natural habitat of the marine animals. The water is dark blue and it looks stunning in the daytime.

Trust me it is a lifetime opportunity to grab. One will be able to witness the Florida softshell turtle and fossils which are very rare in any other coral reef. And it is renowned for natural spring cavern and dark blue water. And the accessibility of the reef is very easy as one can enter there by a platform. One can dive till 100 feet with clear visibility, the water temperature of 23 degrees centigrade. 

John Pennekamp coral reef state park 

This a beautiful key largo reef state park that is home to many of the stunning coral reefs and thousands of the christ of the Abyss statue. You might have seen it in many movies. The view is just amazing. This site full of scuba divers all year. The dive site of christ of the abyss is a must dive site. The coral formations are the most stunning coral that I have ever gone through. The colors are very vibrant and look amazing. The difficulty level of this is the beginner and the depth of the site is 25 feet. One can see 100 feet far and it is accessible from the boat. You can witness some of the rarest sea life like eagle rays stingrays. 

Final words 

Skin diving and scuba diving is one thing that always excited me. I have planned my recent trip to Florida just to experience and explore these scuba diving sites in Florida. Trust me, guys the experience was amazing and the recent rainfall made the experience more amazing. The best diving months for scuba diving in Florida is June to September as one can dry themselves in the sun at the beach. You will be able to some of the rarest animals over here. 

If you loved reading this article then please leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below and also share your experience if you have experienced any of these. 


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