Cape Town Trip: The best things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town Trip: The best things to do in Cape Town

Do you have a traveling bucket list? If yes, then do not forget to add the Cape Town in your travel list of best places in world. There are many things to do in Cape Town, which you will enjoy if you visit there once. You can plan a great adventurous trip to Cape town as it offers you all kinds of fun like; Mountain climbing, historical architectures, beaches, islands, big market, etc. This can be the best place where you can thrill out at the fascinating places. 

Cape Town has become the world’s fun capital and South Africa’s most diverse, flourishing, and exciting heart from the past two decades. The diverse atmosphere of this city makes it one of the favorite tourist attractions. Every year the increased number of footfalls is recorded in Cape Town. The hotels and restaurants are also unique and amazing in this city, built according to the tourists’ comfort. There are also many other activities to do in Cape Town.  

Best Things To Do In Cape Town 

Cape Town is an amazing place to travel once. The beautiful places, hotels, adventure sports are fascinating, and you will always have a big smiling curve on your face during this trip. You can pack your bags anytime and can have a great trip to Cape Town. some of the best things you can do in cape town are listed below in the article.

Table Mountain

The view from the table mountains is considered to be the best mountain view in the world. If you want, you can hike this beautiful mountain, or you can also use the cable car to reach the top of this mountain. Over the years, a minimum of 22 million people climb this mountain. Reaching the top of this mountain is one of the top things to do in Cape Town. 

Taking the view’s sensational experience is worth your time, and the iconic table mountain is not very risky to climb. On top of the mountain, there is a cloud cover that you can experience. You can reach the top by following a circular walking route. 

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

A breathtaking and the most popular architecture of South Africa situated in Cape Town. Zeitz museum has the biggest collection of contemporary African art based on the continent’s works that features things from the whole diaspora. This architecture is built by the London based architect named Thomas Heatherwick. 

The artwork in the museum will attract you with their beauty. The anti-patriarchal needlework by Ghada Amer, the Afrofuturist goggles by Cyprus Kabiru, cowhide sculptures by Nandipha Mntambo, and oil portraits by Kehinde are some of the attractions here. 

Boulders Beach

Do you love Penguins? If yes, then in Africa, the Boulder beach is the best place to hang out with them. The Boulder beach is situated in Simon’s Town, a beautiful naval port located just opposite Cape Town and guarded by the massive granite boulders. Wandering on the beaches is the best fun thing to do in Cape Town in summer. 

You can find more than 3000 African penguins on this beach. On the Cape Peninsula’s sandy space with some rocky outcrops and big waves, you can enjoy the great beach site on your trip. With cute Penguins, you can also have a wonderful coastal walk on the beach. Playing with the penguins is one of the best things to do in Cape Town. This place is wind-free, so you can visit anytime and bless your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures. 

Robben Island

This island is the Unesco world heritage site, which is a great thing itself. Nelson Mandela has spent his 27 years of imprisonment on this island with many other detainees. The prison is still there and now converted into a museum.

The Robben Island prison is situated 7 km away from the Cape town coast. If you love history and mythology, then visiting this place is the best thing to do in Cape Town. You can pre-book the tours to this prison museum and enjoy this amazing site. This place will make your recall the incident during the struggle against apartheid. It is one of the top things for visitors to do in Cape Town. 

Cape Point

The cape point is one of the most fascinating places in South Africa. The Cape point is a part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and covered in the domestic fynbos. Many incredible birds have homes in these fynbos, and they live in this beautiful atmosphere together. 

The pelagic birds are especially found on this cape point because these birds spend more time at sea compared to the land. The sea environment is most favorable for pelagic birds, and they also lay their eggs here. Because of that, the population of these birds is increasing day by day. Watching these birds silently is also one of the tourists favorite things to do in Cape Town. 

Neighbourgoods Market  

Markets are always an attraction for most of the visitors in Cape Town. There is a solely trendy and widely spread Saturday food market in Woodstock’s Biscuit Mill development. This market has become a home to many independent business persons; they have settled their food restaurants and cafes for living. They maintain good food quality and sales also, people who come here enjoy the great variety of food in this market. Eating street food here is also counted as one of the best things to do in Cape Town. 

The influencers from South Africa also come to showcase the cuisines of this place. The neighborhood is a very popular place due to the blogs of the influencers who visit this market. 

Norval Foundation

This is a very epic piece of great architecture. It is an underrated art museum that showcases a private collection. This art museum is beautifully settled down deep in the Southern suburbs. 

This permanent architecture is a very eye-catching place for art lovers created by South Africa’s best artists. The foundation is established between the beautiful mountains, which also gives this museum a very attractive look, which makes it one of the best things to do in Cape Town.  

Kalk Bay

This cutesy suburb has a beautiful determination of shops along its seafront, which essentially sell things that you do not require, however, need. The bistro scene is additionally brilliant, so it’s a relaxed spot to go through an early evening time pottering around.

The kalky is a very interesting place for most snacks, and you can sit there and enjoy your fish and chips from the kalky’s with a cup of tea.

Storms River Mouth 

This is the most loved National park destination for most travelers. Storms River is an amazing gorge that spanks out into the Indian Ocean area. You can do many things at this park-like; day out on a lilo in the cola-colored child water pools, water rafting in the fast water, wave jumping at the sea coast.  

Storm River is ranked as the most favorite outing for travelers, locals, and adventure lovers. You can enjoy in every manner you want on this National Park, and you can dive in the guarded marine area, swim below the waterfalls. These all are the dream things for most people. So enjoying the storm river’s fun is one of the best things to do in Cape Town.  

Final Words

Having adventures in life is a must thing because life becomes boring without any adventure and you do not want to live a boring life, right? So plan a trip to Cape Town to enjoy the fullest some of your days. We have mentioned the best things to do in Cape Town in this article to help you before planning the trip to this city. 

The beautiful and fascinating islands, food market, beaches, hotels, museums, etc. attract many visitors to this place every year. So if you plan for a trip anywhere, pack your bags for Cape town and enjoy the sensational environment.   


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