Must-Visit Beaches In Australia: You Can’t-Miss Visiting Them

Must-Visit Beaches In Australia: You Can’t-Miss Visiting Them

What if I tell you that Australia has the finest beaches in the world. Doesn’t sound much interesting, right? But what if I tell you that “There are beaches in Australia which, when visited, will create a ‘never to leave’ impact in your mind.” Yes, now, this is something that just captured your attention. That’s why here I am with the list of some of the exotic and best beaches in Australia. 

Following article will let you know the most popular and most beautiful beaches in Australia. If you plan to have a good and extremely refreshing holiday, you can’t get a better option like them. Please go through the names and their features, and your fingers will automatically go for the map search.

Bondi Beach, NSW

You must be aware of the Campbell Parade in Sydney; yes, I’m talking about “Bondi Beach.” Whether you want to go surfing, or you want some fun at the seashore, this beach is in total a perfect package for a weekend holiday. Sydney is already famous for its number of beaches and the world’s first-ever Surf Life Saving Club. The first land to fight for the bathing suit protest was Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

Bondi welcomes each and everyone, irrespective of their caste, color, and creed. Famous bikini culture was started from Sydney itself, and Bondi was a part of it. Bondi is so popular because it is easily accessible from the city. Moreover, the trendy cafes here make it quite beautiful to hang out with family, friends, or partners. Visiting Sydney but not visiting Bondi Beach is just like having dinner without dessert. Now it depends upon you that How much you love your dessert.

Lizard Island, QLD

Lizard Island is located Near Cairns in the North QLD. You must have heard a lot about the Great Barrier Reef, exploring your thoughts. I want to tell you that it is Lizard Island’s gateway. A person needs a good amount of money to visit this place, but I can assure you that you will not feel like wasting a single penny. Its shore and water make it more beautiful and happening. 

There are 23 astonishing white beaches on this island. You can go to a private villa or resort on this island. If you love the company of some specific people, then this is the place to enjoy their company. The best beaches in Australia and Lizard Island are solely connected, making it easily accessible. 

Byron Bay, NSW

It is located in Lawson St in Byron bay. It is a town with various resorts(modern class), cafes, and boutiques on offer. The quality of beaches Byron Bay has is just phenomenal and exceptional. It sits on the Easterly point of the mainland of Australia in Northern New South Wales. You might be unaware of the most precious things about this place. It is the iconic lighthouse at Cape Byron, which makes it one of the best beaches in Australia. 

This beach has the attraction power of another level. Surfers from all over the world use it to show their surfing skills on this beach. Those who like less crowded beaches would love to make it their choice as it has fewer people and a more captivating environment. You can get the idea of its beauty from its smooth and warm sand, which is a treat for visitors.

Mandalay Beach, WA

This beach is situated at Walpole. Visitors and travelers often ignore Western Australia in terms of beaches and seashores. It is because of the beauty of the east coast beaches. But, as we say, never underestimate those who have nothing with them; they might have something that even the greatest one doesn’t have. The same goes for Mandalay beach. It has beauty which even the best beaches in Australia don’t carry with themselves. 

Chatham Island is a must-visit place nearby to this beach. It is just a few miles away from this beach. The green heritage of the island makes it a breathtaking sight for the visitors’ eyes. If you want to hike with a vehicle, then there are two entrances to this beach; both of them are 30 minutes away from the Walpole. 

Wineglass Bay, TAS

When we talk about Tasmanian beaches, then Wineglass Bay is the one you can’t afford to miss. Freycinet National Park is well known for this beach only. Turquoise water and pink granite turn it totally into a new world of beauty. Snorkeling, wildlife spotting, hiking, and kayaking are activities that people usually prefer after reaching this spot. These small things are enough to add it to the list of the best beaches in Australia. 

You can get the best view of this beach by hiking for 1 hour along a well-maintained beach path. Go for a swim on the shores; you will feel more excited and cherishable.

75 Mile Beach, QLD

This beach is located on Fraser Island. You might say that it is a coincidence that the world’s largest beach is located in Australia. Yes, it is the 75-mile beach that owns this title. It is a less attractive option, not because of its beauty but because of its fast-flowing currents and Tiger Shark. However, you can go to the freshwater lakes near its seashore. The beach also has a natural spa on offer for the visitors here. A bubbling champagne pool also invites a lot of people towards it. 

Noosa Main Beach, QLD

This beach is located on the sunshine coast of QLD. There are many beaches on the sunshine coast, but Noosa stands out like a king out of all. The golden sands, patrolled beach, and pristine waters, all of these qualities make it a perfect beach to watch out for. Just imagine it for once that, you are swimming deep into the water and along with you comes out the dolphins. Swimming, playing, making memories, all of these things are enough to make it one of the best beaches in Australia. 

Several world-class restaurants and boutiques also surround the beach. If you are a foodie, then restaurants nearby will level up the class of your taste and tongue. The strip is the must-visit place of the main beach.  This beach is also one of the best beach honeymoon destinations.

Burleigh Heads, QLD

It is located on the gold coast. Burleigh is undoubtedly one of the best places for surfers. The currents inside the water, the waves, and the tides all work according to the surfer. It gives out a tropical vibe to the visitors. Families and swimmers gather a lot on this beach to spend some cherishable moments together. 

You can go for various fancy dining options near this beach. Whether you want to have a look at seabirds or you want dolphins at your sight. This place offers all of this, making it one of the best beaches in Australia.

Cable Beach, WA

It is located in the Broome. It is one of the most popular beaches in Australia that you can visit. A person visiting for the first time often gets astonished by its beauty, ambiance, and environment. Cable beach is extremely popular for its untouched stretch of shoreline along with an enticing sunset view to offer the visitors. 

It is exceptional because irrespective of the other Australian beaches, this beach is located on the Indian ocean coast. It is also said to be a studio for photographers. The dreamy and unrealistic sunsets make it more captivating and beautiful. It is among the best beaches in Australia.

Whitehaven Beach, QLD

As the name of this beach suggests, it is one of the best beaches in Australia you can visit for an unforgettable experience. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The white sand of this beach is quite popular for its smoothness and color. It has the purest form of sand and crystal-like water. Fine grains of sand make the beach more captivating for the audience and the visitors. 

The beach stretches to a distance of 7 km along the coast. Lagoons, inlets with scenic outlook, and a myriad of coves surround the beach. Saying it as a magical island would not be wrong at all. Whether you want to go for some activities like hiking or want to spend some memorable time with your family, Whitehaven is perfect for all.

Final Words

Australia is extremely famous for its beaches and weather conditions. Several popular beaches in Australia add to the beauty of Australia. In the above article, I have mentioned some of the best beaches in Australia you can visit for a once in a lifetime experience. The lifestyle and culture of Australia also draw the attention of thousands of people. 

I hope you liked this article, for more such articles stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section. 


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