Things To Do In Atlanta For An Amazing Experience

Things To Do In Atlanta For An Amazing Experience

A ‘Rising Phoenix’ with a thriving culinary scene, tributes to heroes of hometown, history of civil rights, astounding shopping spots, a natural attraction to drool, and more. This is not a plot of any dream destination but a short description of Atlanta. Yes, these are some of the things to do in Atlanta that will leave anyone spellbound. 

Atlanta is the hometown of Martin Luther King Jr and many adventurous, fascinating things you can do here. From visiting the museums to experience the rich history to go on a bewildering stroll in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. After you are done with the amazing strolls and museums, you can go for some delicious mouth-watering food at the Buford Highway. But what about getting a souvenir? Well, you can visit the ponce city market for it. 

Whatever it is you wish, Atlanta has got it all. The list of things to do in Atlanta is long, and the attractions here will leave you bewitched with their history and fascinating beauty. 

In the article, you will find some of the best places and attractions which you must visit in Atlanta for a memorable experience. Along with the list of things to do in Atlanta, we have also put all the information which you may need to know before embarking on your Atlanta exploration tour. 

Now, without delaying anymore, let’s virtually explore this enchanting city with some of the best things you can do in Atlanta. 

Visit The Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta beltline started as the thesis for a Georgia Tech Graduate but has now become one of the fascinating outdoor attractions. The Atlanta beltline is a paved path that runs along Atlanta’s historic rail loop. This path is something that will take you in the history of civil war while being in touch with nature. 

The historic paved path is lined with art installations and native plants, which gives the feel of being in the old civil war days. Visiting the rail loop can be one of the best things to do in Atlanta if you are a nature lover or a history buff. One thing to remember when visiting this loop is to know that not all of it is paved. However, the unpaved area is suitable for a hike. This provides an opportunity for hiking if you are someone who likes outdoor adventures. 

Along with this beltline, you will find some of the most amazing natural attractions as it passes through some of the parks. 

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum

The Jimmy Carter presidential library opened in 1986 but still has a modernist structure. The best thing about this place is that it holds not only important but also exhibits interactive things. The exhibits here will let you explore the life of Jimmy before, during, and after being a president. 

The Nobel peace prize awarded to Jimmy is also on display here in this museum cum library. This place can be one of the best things to do in Atlanta if you want to know your ex-president in depth.

Centre For Civil And Human Rights

This attraction in Atlanta opened in 2014. The center for civil rights and humans rights is something which you must visit. It is the best place that will let you know the history of America and the fight for civil rights.

Even the building of this place has significance of its own as it is inspired by Cairo’s Tahrir Square and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, which are two prominent symbols of peoples’ fight and sacrifice for civil rights. Inside the museum, you will find three levels for event halls and galleries. 

A walk through the exhibits here will tell you about the impacts of laws by the Jim Crow and Legalized racism in America. The stroll will tell you about the inspiring fight for rights like equality by the different communities while raising questions about the system. All these things about this place are enough to add it to your things to do in Atlanta list. 

Buford Highway

When we say, ‘Atlanta is the cultural capital of the New South,’ we say it for all the right reasons, like its rich culture and history. The Buford Highway here is the multicultural heart of Atlanta when it comes to cultures and cuisines. 

Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, and more, you name it, and Buford has it all as you will find almost every international cuisine here on this bustling street. This makes it one of the most amazing things to do in Atlanta to satisfy your taste buds. When here, try the combo of pho and banh mi at the Lee Bakery to have a delicious delight before embarking on your exploration tour of this street. 

You will find some of the emblematic gems along this road that are not fancy but are darn good at food. If you want something far-flung here, try the Bangladeshi cuisine at the Panahar or the delectable sushi at the Sushi Hayakawa. Well, in short, visiting this place is one of the best things you can do in Atlanta if you are a foodie. It is a heaven for foodies who will get some best appetizing food on this road. 

Georgia Aquarium 

Read any list of things to do in Atlanta, and you will find the Georgia Aquarium on the top, and for good reasons. This is a living aquarium in the western hemisphere, which is also the largest indoor aquarium in this hemisphere, with 10 million gallons of saltwater and freshwater. 

This aquarium is home to more than 100,000 creatures, along with 100 distinctive habitats of wildlife. The creatures here include sea lions, sharks, belugas, penguins, bottlenose dolphins, and more that will leave you fascinated. This place also houses a teaching facility for aspiring vets and marine biologists. 

When here the latest edition to the aquarium sharks! Predators of the deep is a must-visit place. The section of the park contains species of sharks like tiger, silky, great hammerhead sharks, and more. All these astounding things about this aquarium make it one of the best things to do in Atlanta. 

Ponce City Market

If you want big retailers, boutiques, gyms, and a variety of restaurants with food stalls, this 2.1million square feet structure is what you must include in your things to do in Atlanta list. This place is also renowned for being the largest brick structure in the southeast region. 

The Ponce City Market is the place which you must visit if you want to go shopping at a locale boutique or a big retailer. It is where you will find some of the best James Beard Award wing food, along with art galleries. When here you can also enjoy some of the events like cooking and art class, wine tasting and more. All these amazing things about this make visiting this place one of the best things to do in Atlanta, which you will love. 

Here you can also go to the top rooftop by paying a minor fee. On the rooftop, you can enjoy the skyline views and vintage carnival games, which you are going to love and add to the fun. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Located along the piedmont park, this place is heaven for flower and nature lovers. The beauty of this place explains why this place has more than half a million visitors every year. A 600-foot walkway along the tree line and a canopy walkway opened in 2010 doubled its area. 

The orchid house, a walk through the edible garden made up of the native plants, are some of the strolls you can take. Once you are done with the stroll, you can go for an upscale meal at the amazing longleaf restaurant. Visiting this place with your partner will be a romantic experience which you will always remember. 

Nature and food both combine at this place in Atlanta to lead it to the top in the list in the list of things to do in Atlanta. 

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Final words

The things to do in Atlanta include its historical museums with some of the best foods on offer along with the natural attractions. The botanical garden stroll along with the food at the Buford Highway is some of the things that you will love visiting and enjoying when in Atlanta. 

Are you planning to visit Atlanta after knowing it has so many fascinating things to do? What do you review these places if you have visited any of these places? Please do let us know in the comment box what you think. 

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