Best Places to Go On A Solo Trip

Best Places to Go On A Solo Trip

Solo traveling does not mean you cannot go anywhere; however, these are certain places around the world that are more apt and some of the best places to travel solo. These places are shortlisted by considering various factors like local culture, safety, expense, and navigation ease.

So without wasting any time, let dive into the list of best places to travel alone:


The land of smiles had to come on top of this list. Thailand is the perfect solo travel destination, especially for women. It is not only affordable but also easy to travel, friendly, and surrounded by delicious can easily get a flight to Bangkok from all over the world.

There are plenty of things to do in the city, like playing with elephants, cooking courses, scuba diving, visiting gorgeous islands, or participating in a silent meditation retreat. We are very sure that you will end up loving Thailand as this is one of the best places to travel solo.


Often overlooked as a destination when making solo vacation ideas, Malaysia is a must-visit place for a mind-boggling experience. It is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, which makes it the best place to travel alone. Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, and you will hear locals speaking in two different languages, English being one of them. 

Malaysia has so much to offer, ranging when it comes to travel experience ranging from beach, towns to hills. Malaysia will be the perfect choice for solo female travel destinations if you want to explore different cultures.


Japan is among the safest, cleanest, most organized, and most polite countries you will ever visit. The country is unique in terms of food, culture, and master in terms of technology from museums to bathrooms. However, the only problem with this solo vacation idea is the language barrier. It can be pretty daunting to understand the signs at the train station and communicate with hotel staff and waiters because English is not common in this country. Luckily, one good thing about Japan is the friendly nature of people. 

When traveling solo, opt to stay in a capsule hotel because these are similar to the hostel with a small bed and confined personal space. What we love the most about Japan is the norm of eating alone. You will never feel intimated while dining alone. Look no further; Japan is among the best places if you want to travel solo.


This gorgeous place destination is a dream of every person. Not only this, Iceland is among the safest country in the world for many years. This means no more worries if making plans for solo travel, especially for more great thing about Iceland is that you can never get lost. Travelers mostly ride the Ring Road or Golden Circle, a perfect route for solo as well as a group road trip. If you dread driving, the local public transportation system in Iceland is great too.

Iceland is a very intimate and small country with a very small population that feels like a local neighborhood where everybody knows everybody. The native language in this country is English. However, the only draw is that it is pretty expensive to stay and travel in Iceland. Cut down on your cost by staying in Hotels and buying your groceries. Iceland is one of the best places to travel alone and is worth a visit if you can afford it. 


Germany is one of the most loved countries in Europe. Berlin, a city in Germany, is one of the best places to travel solo for female travelers. You can visit the galleries alone, join a street art tour, and go shopping at the flea markets. You can also hop on a train to Spreewald, visit the castles in Baden, and fall in love with the beauty of Germany.

Germany is a safe country with easy navigation, friendly locals, and English as a second language, which tick marks all the boxes for solo vacation ideas. You will like the cultural diversity and feel 100% confident without any fear of being judged. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for your solo trip to Germany. 

New Zealand

If you are below 30 and are pinning solo vacation ideas, then do not forget to include New Zealand in your list. Make the best of your opportunity and explore the beauty of this country. If you are comfortable driving long distances, New Zealand is a perfect destination for solo female travelers. The locals are very helpful and friendly, and the navigation is pretty simple. Stay in a social hostel and find yourself a road trip buddy.

New Zealand is the best place to travel solo or as an outdoorsy person. It is full of stunning islands, rugged glaciers, blue dolphins, hiking routes, and gorgeous lakes. 


If you are on the lookout for the best places to travel solo in the USA, then look no further. California is the perfect place to start solo travel for women in the states. Some best spots in San Francisco are Orange County, Humboldt County, and every place along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Start with San Francisco, as it is the most favorite place of tourism with a vibrant culture, plenty of transport facilities, and high walkability. There is no place like the Bay Area and if you want to spend some laid-back time, then visit Lost Coast and Humboldt. There are many routes to choose from for a good road trip, among which the Pacific coast and Southwest are the most beautiful. There are endless ways to have a good time on your solo trip to California.


Hawaii is not what comes to mind when we think of making a solo trip, but you will be surprised and fall in love with this place. This is the best black to travel solo. All thanks to the tropical climate and rich Hawaii culture, which makes it a country of its own kind. Hawaii is completely solo-friendly; go on a road trip and Hana and join Mau Surfer Girls if you are a female solo traveler. This will be both fun and an empowering experience for you. 


If your mind is all set to go on a solo trip to South America, then consider Peru. Peru is a very diverse country where you will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures, experiences, and climates. Some of the most iconic spots in Peru are Huacachina, Rainbow Mountain, Inca Trail, Peruvian Amazon, and many hiking trails. All of these are bucket list-worthy places.

You will hardly find yourself alone while traveling to these places as most tours welcome final travelers. You can stay in social hostels to find a travel buddy. However, one biggest advice we can give you is to learn a little Spanish, not a lot of people here know English. 


Want to make your first solo trip memorable with wild animals? Then Botswana is the answer. This place has more elephants than anywhere else in Africa. Botswana is a very beautiful country for viewing wildlife; however, it is slightly more expensive than any other African country. Botswana’s good thing is that it is the safest country with decent roads and a great safari lodge system. The country is perfect for glamping as the prices are not very different from private accommodation.


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