Most Haunted Places in the World

Most Haunted Places in the World

Gone are the days when traveling was limited to beaches, mountains, and islands. Now people want to explore dark sites and haunted places. Yes, you read it right. The trend of visiting haunted places is continuously increasing among people. Here is an article with the most haunted places in the world that you should visit if you are looking for some real thrill. 

The fascination to experience the unknown drives and explore the bone-chilling corners is increasing the popularity of haunted places. Some lonely places have a violent past, while the souls of dead people torment some.

 Whether you are planning to visit haunted places or curious to know about them, you are in the right place. Continue reading the article to know about the spookiest places on the planet. 

Most Haunted Places in the World

Whether you are a believer or not, many places across the globe are filled with scary stories that have been passed down through time. So what is the most haunted place in the world? From haunted fortresses to scary islands, we have covered some most haunted places in the world. 

Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

The beautiful city of Venice is one of the most popular destinations, and there is a wide range of things to do in Venice. However, Poveglia, an abandoned island situated between Venice and Lido, is one of the world’s most haunted places. 

So now, the question is, why is the place haunted? In the 20th century, the place was a quarantine station for individuals suffering from bubonic plague. Moreover, in the 1920s, the place was also used as a mental asylum. It is believed that various dark forces haunt the island. 

 At the present time, the island is abandoned and is technically not open for locals or tourists. However, there are some tour operators that can take you to the place. 

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan, India

Kuldhara village is one of the most creepy places in the world. It has been abandoned since the 1800s, and people believe that the place is cursed. The village is on the list of haunted places and one of the most popular dark tourism destinations in India

According to one legend, once the village was once occupied by wealthy people and especially the Paliwal Brahmins. One minister of the village named Salim Singh fell in love with a girl. In order to force the girl to marry him, he threatened the villagers with unconventionally high taxes. 

In order to protect themselves and save the girl, the villagers abandoned the village overnight and cursed the place. 

At the present time, it is believed that no one can live in peace in the village as an evil aura surrounds the place to date. If you want to visit the place, make sure to take someone along. 

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

There are various haunted places in India, and Bhangarh is one of them. In the past, it was a beautiful small city at the foot of a mountain. The beautiful fort had many palaces, gates, and temples before being abandoned around 1783. 

According to a legend, the entire town was cursed by a wizard. He fell in love with the queen and cast a spell on her in order to make her fall in love with him. When the queen foiled his spell, he cursed the entire city.

At the present time, it is believed that anyone who visits the place at night never comes out again. So, if you are planning to explore the place, make sure not to enter it at night. 

Island of Dolls, Mexico

Mexico is one of the most amazing cities, and there are various best things to do in Mexico. The city could be described as an amazing experience. 

Island of Dolls in Mexico is not only haunted but is also a popular dark tourism destination in the world. By dolls, you might be thinking that it would be a place full of beautiful and colorful dolls, but trust me, that’s not true. The dolls at this place are haunted and make the place one of the most haunted places in the world. 

The place is creepier than your imagination and is possessed by dolls full of life and spirits. People have noticed paranormal activities at this place. Curses, phantoms, and rumors add extra chills and thrills to the place. 

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of the most vibrant cities, and it is known for its beautiful and colorful Victorian houses, iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and cable cars. However, there is Alcatraz Island, where notorious criminals were once imprisoned. 

This infamous place had some infamous prisoners, including mobster Alcatraz and Al Capone. According to reports, many people, former prisoners, and guards have noticed many paranormal activities at this place. People have also heard screams and crying here. You can book a tour guide and learn everything about the place and the infamous past of the prisoners. 

Isle of Wight, England

The Isle of Wight is located on the south coast and is one of the spookiest places in the United Kingdom. This place is often referred to as “Ghost Island.” The palace offers beautiful scenery, including unspoiled countryside and dramatic cliffs. However, the place has a wide range of supernatural stories and is a popular attraction to hundreds of ghost hunters every year.

It is believed that the island is home to many ghosts and if you are interested in meeting one of the ghosts, try taking a walk along the most haunted trails of the island at night. 

One of the spookiest places on the island is Ventnor Botanics Ghostly Garden. It is a beautiful place with a wide range of amazing plants. The location used to be an Old Royal Hospital earlier. The patients with deadly diseases were treated here, and over the years, thousands of patients died at this place. There have been various reports of sightings of phantom nurses and old patients in the gardens.  

The Tolbooth, Aberdeen, UK

The Tolbooth Museum in Aberdeen is one of the most haunted places in the world. During the years of operation, death was a common part of day to day. The day might be one of execution, torture, or murder. 

It is believed that it is one of the most haunted buildings in Scotland, and various paranormal activities have been reported here. In fact, unexplained noises are also heard at this place. People have also noticed the noises of rattling chains, tight feelings around the neck, and sightings of strange white mist. 

Devils Pool, Babinda, Australia

In the middle of the beautiful and lush Queensland rainforest, there is an unsuspecting swimming pool. It is considered one of the most haunted spots in Australia. The pool is named Devil’s pool, and it has claimed around seventeen lives since 1959. Many people have drowned there from slips and falls. Many have also been caught in the flowing currents. 

Devil’s pool in Babinda is considered a famous spot for backpackers and hikers. According to one legend, a runaway bride fell to death at this place. She is considered to be the reason for hauntings at this place. It is believed that many male tourists have lost their lives at this place due to this reason. 

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lawan Sewu is a Javanese word that means a thousand doors. The name of this place is related to its architectural design. The place was overtaken by the Japanese during the second world war. It was converted into a prison, and the basement of this place was used for the purpose of execution. 

People have witnessed the sightings of a young Dutch woman. It is believed that woman committed suicide at this place. 

People have also seen headless ghosts walking around in the building. Moreover, people also believe that there is kuntilanak at this place. Kuntalinak is a vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology. 

Penang War Museum, Penang, Malaysia

Penang War Museum is one of the most haunted sites in Asia. Popularly the place is known as Ghost Hill. It was built as a defense fortress in the 1930s and used by the British. Later on, the Japanese invaded this place in 1941. From that time, the place became a prison for enemies and was used for torture and beheading. It is believed that a cruel Japanese officer is one of the ghosts present at this site. 

Many people have claimed to sight shadow figures, ghosts, and demons in the area. It is believed that the souls of many ghosts are trapped at this place. The souls are of people who perished here during the war. People also believe that souls are of those who were tortured and killed here. 

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem is not only a scary place but also a perfect answer to the question of what is the most haunted place in the world. The place was the site for infamous witch trials where around twenty people and mostly women, were hanged. It is believed that the people were consorting with the Devil. Moreover, they used to cast spells upon the children of the town. 

The first woman who was hanged here was Bridget Bishop, and it is believed that her soul haunts the place. Another spirit is that of a wealthy farmer named Giles Corey. People have witnessed his angry ghost around the oldest graveyard of the town. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky, USA

Waverly Hills is one of the most haunted places in the world. At the present time, the building is a popular tourist attraction for individuals with creepy predilections. The place was a functioning tuberculosis hospital. It was established in 1910, and around 8000 people died here as there was no real cure for the disease. 

People have witnessed sightings of ghostly children, creepy doppelgangers, demonic forces, and much more. It is believed that due to the lack of a real way to cure tuberculosis, some of the treatments at this place were brutal, which lead to ineffective, painful, and fatal surgeries. People have witnessed mysterious and haunting figures roaming around the halls, a spirit of elderly women bleeding from feet and hands, and a little child roaming around the corners. 

Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

It is a late Victorian mansion built-in 1876 by Christopher William Crawley. It is one of the most haunted houses in Australia. At this place, there are ghosts of young children dropped from the stairs; a stable boy burned to death, and a maid who fell from the balcony. The most active ghost is that of the son of a caretaker who was found near the dead body of his mother. He was chained for around 40 years. 

At the present time, the house offers dinner and ghost tours where you can learn about the gruesome past. If you want something more chilling, try spending a night at the place. 

Myrtles Plantation, USA

Myrtles Plantation is a mansion in the north-west of New Orleans. The beautiful mansion is bordered by a beautiful 125-foot veranda. Around ten people were murdered at this place, and there have been reports of ghost sightings here. The famous ghost is that of Chloe. She has her ear cut off by her lover. It is believed that she wears a green turban and peers intently at visitors while they are sleeping. Other sightings include a child, a voodoo priestess, a soldier, and the ghost of the previous owner. 

Hell Fire Club, Ireland

It is a hunting lodge that was built in 1925 for an Irish parliamentary speaker Willaim Connolly. The tales linked to this structure include black masses, animal sacrifice, and cloven-hoofed men. One of the most popular legends is that of a satanic creature who is seen in the form of a man. Another legend is of a creature who disappeared in flames.  

Final Words

If you do not scare easily and love to explore haunting places, then try visiting the most haunted places in the world. While visiting the places, keep reminding yourself that you are a true daredevil. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.  


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