How to Travel Safely in Europe? – Travel Tips for Europe

How to Travel Safely in Europe? – Travel Tips for Europe

There is nothing better than a European vacation. You get to explore a variety of landscapes, cultures, and people, which helps in ensuring that you enjoy a memorable trip. However, the last thing that you would want during your European trip is to get robbed, injured, or have something stolen. Therefore, it is important to be properly prepared for the trip. Here are some travel trips for Europe so that you enjoy your trip and have an amazing worry-free exploring experience.

Stay Alert on the Streets

Europe has a remarkable share of crooks, pickpockets, and talented thieves. Getting robbed or having something stolen is the worst thing that can happen, and no one would want this during the trip. Here are some common threats that you might face during your trip.

  • Pickpockets – In popular tourist destinations like Barcelona and Rome, you might often hear about travelers having their purses snatched or their pockets picked. There are certain ways through which you can reduce the threats.
  • Men should avoid carrying the wallet in the back-pocket, If you are wearing your pouch above your belt, then make sure to hide it properly. You should carry your valuables close to you. 
  • Kids Carrying Cardboard – If you see a group of kids carrying cardboard approaching you, walk away from them. They might try to distract you using the cardboard, and meanwhile, they would pick your pockets. 
  • Thieves – In Europe, people on little scooters can be a team of snatchers. Be careful in areas having heavy traffic. If you are carrying a clutch or a big bag, hold it tightly and walk away from the street. Avoid taking a lift from people on Vespas in order to avoid getting robbed.

Keep a Copy of Your Passport

If accidentally you lose your passport, then it will get you into trouble. Therefore, you should carry your passport only if you need it. Otherwise, you can keep a copy of your passport. 

You can use your money belt to ensure the security of your most important documents and items. Keep your money belt underneath your clothes to make it impossible for the pickpockets to access it. 

Don’t Keep Valuables in One Place

Avoid keeping your valuables like money, debit or credit cards, and essential documents in one place. Spread them out so that in case your pocket is picked, you don’t lose everything. If you are planning to go out, keep your valuables in a locked or sealed bag before leaving your hotel room. If you have a safe in the room, then use it to secure your valuables. 

Be Aware of the Crooks

While traveling in Europe, be aware of the crooks and thieves. If you are approached by a stranger in an unrecognized uniform, don’t hesitate to ask them for identification. Beware in the case, if any stranger asks you to help in counting cash. Police never do that. In case any stranger approaches you to help ask them for id.

Watch Your Drink

If you are traveling alone in Europe, limit the number of drinks. You better know your limit, so don’t drink more than that as it might lead you to trouble.

When you drink too much, it troubles your decision-making, which can result in dangerous situations. If any stranger buys you a drink in the bar, make sure to watch it. Avoid going home with any person you just met. 

Stay Informed About Your Destination

While traveling to the big cities, make sure you know the areas that are dangerous and the ones that are safe. Before going out, conduct thorough research and collect the required details of the area where you are traveling. Moreover, before leaving your hotel room talk to the receptionists as they know the city better than you.

Take Care of Your Belongings

While transferring your luggage from one place to another, keep an eye on all your stuff. If you are traveling with a backpack, you can use your rain-cover to avoid getting pick pocketed. Stay alert at busy spots like airports and big stations as they are favorite places for pickpockets.

Pay Attention While Withdrawing Cash

Skimming is a common technique across the globe. Pay attention while withdrawing cash; do not let people standing behind you see your PIN number. Europeans are usually helpful, but if someone is offering your help when you have not even asked, then be aware. 

Only Carry Valuables that are Needed for the Day

If you are not transferring your things, then use a locker in the hotel to secure your essentials. You should not carry your essentials everywhere you go. If you are going for sightseeing or to a beach, then you would need a copy of your passport and some cash. Avoid carrying the things that you don’t need. 

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