Where to See Sea Turtles in the Caribbean

Where to See Sea Turtles in the Caribbean

Many people like to take the experience of snorkeling with sea life like various types of fishes, sea horses, and other sea animals. Still, the turtles are the best and most demanding snorkeling around the Caribbean. If you have never tried snorkeling, then you must try now, look at life under the sea with turtles. It is wonderful, and I am sure it will add some great memories which you remember for a lifetime. 

Exploring the sea in the very natural habitat of turtles is one of the magical and astonishing experiences in your life. In the Caribbean, sea turtles are one of the most magnificent creatures that everyone likes to see. One best thing about the Caribbean resorts is that they created some activities that are turtle oriented that you might do during summer and fall season, which is the nesting season of the sea turtles in the Caribbean.


Sea Turtles Educational Programs

One of the major and beautiful islands, Bequia, Grenadines, is one of the major programs home for breeding and rescue of the sea turtle, at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. At Key Beach, St. Kitts is also becoming the booming educational program for Sea Turtle Interpretive Center. They provide the hub for various sea turtles educational programs and tours organized by the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network.

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Eggs & Hatching 

There are some resorts that offer and arrange tours to see the sea turtles that come on the shore near to the beaches to lay their eggs, in Puerto Rico. You can search for these resorts easily online and ask them when they organize such site tours for their guests. You can also watch the amazing site of witnessing the hatching of the turtle’s eggs and how to make way to get back to the sea for surviving and how only a few will be able to survive among the thousands of hatches. 

Sea Turtles Excursions

Barbados, a Club Resort, situated at the west coast of the Caribbean island, offers an inexpensive and excursion undersea to swim along with the leatherback turtles under the natural habitat. Lured sea turtles with the fish scraps and bread pieces tossed under the water. There are various resorts in St. Thomas provides their guests with such opportunities to see the underwater turtles activities at nominal charges.


In Jamaica, there is a GoldenEye Hotel plus Resort that offers its guests to stay there for five nights or even more to see the hatching of the eggs on the Golden Sea Beach during the September month. It is found that around ten thousand eggs hatch on the beach from May to the September month, a beautiful and astonishing sight for the guests. One of the best parts of this resort is that they only charge a nominal amount for such turtle eggs hatching view that too from the sea-turtle expert. 


Sea Turtles Conservation Efforts

Some resorts in Puerto Rico provide the guest with an opportunity for their guest to become part of the turtle’s efforts. The program is led by one of the marine biologists, who help in becoming the resort to save the turtles in the Caribbean, make it the first resort of Audubon International Gold Signature Sanctuary. 


Now even the most crowded beaches of the Caribbean of Aruba, now making efforts to increase the population of turtles. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is one of the most famous and encouraging environmentalist efforts and has become the home of turtles. The resort helps and supports the efforts of Turtugaruba, a local foundation that saves the sea turtle from any harm. 


Sea Turtles Comprehensive Experience

Four Season Resort Nevis organizes the comprehensive program for their guests to see sea turtles in the Caribbean. At their Pinney Beach resorts, these are the nesting of the hawksbill turtles and other species to see their nesting around the season. The resort is known for its long-standing partnership together with the Sea Turtle Conservancy and Nevis Turtle Group to protect and save the lives of turtles as well as include their guests in varieties of program and initiatives like:

  • Sea Turtles Adoption
  • Beach Patrols 
  • Sea Turtles Snorkeling Education Program


Sea Turtles Sanctuaries

If you want to hatch the turtle’s eggs, the Xcaret eco-park in the Riviera Maya in Mexico has the sea turtle sanctuary that provides the site of witnessing the turtles’ eggs hatching in season and invites guests to enjoy such beautiful sites. There is also a Barcelo Maya Beach Resort near the Xcaret eco-park that offers its guests and protects the sea turtles’ lives. 



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