10 Great Hikes to Take in the Caribbean

10 Great Hikes to Take in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is popularly known for its beaches, lounges, and blue skies. Nevertheless, it also offers amazing hiking options for those who prefer to be active during their vacations. The mountains and lush topography of the Caribbean make it one of the best-hiking destinations. 

You can explore a lot from amazing tropical rainforests to astonishing dormant volcanoes while hiking. You can expect bountiful birdlife, jaw-dropping rainforests, and spectacular views while hiking. So if you are planning to leave your poolside chaise and check some wow-worthy climbs, here is a list of 10 great hikes to take in the Caribbean.

1. The Waitukubuli National Trail, Dominica

Dominica is one of the most famous and favorite hikes of travelers and eco-adventurers. It is nicknamed ‘Nature Island.’ It is 115 miles long, with a long-distance walking trail that is divided into 14 segments that challenge the endurance of hikers. It is a lush oasis of hot springs, rainforests, nature, and boiling lakes. 

The trail of Waitukubuli passes through a wide range and variety of terrains and environments, including tropical mountain regions, farmlands, and rainforests. It also features caves, hot springs, and different natural wonders. The route also includes small towns that make perfect spots, and they provide a chance to the hikers to pick up fresh water and food for the trek. 

2. Saint Lucia

The most attractive part of Saint Lucia is its twin peaks Petit Piton and Gros Piton. Both the peaks are accessible by foot, which makes them an attraction point for the adventurer travelers. The twin peaks are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gros Piton is the most popular trek of the Islands. The route requires hardly 4-5 hours to complete. It has trails scrambling over rocks and rainforests through the way.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful and natural gem dominated by volcanic peaks, waterfalls, and crisscrossed trails. Nature is not far ways on this island as 77% part of the island is covered in forest. The views from the top are spectacular and amazing make it worth your time and effort.

3. Guanapo Gorge, Trinidad

The hike begins with an amazing walk and includes a jaw-dropping walk through setting, and the trek delivers amazing payoff as it proceeds. The trek completes in a couple of hours and features rainforest canyons. This trek includes lush interior, waterfalls, rainforest, and abundant birdlife. 

The Guanapo Gorge offers everything you expect from a trek – canyon walking, rainforest, and the chance to enjoy the freshwater of the river. Once you have hiked into the gorge, you will find yourself swimming through different pools while making your way to the Guanapo. Just make sure to wear water shoes and a swimsuit, as you will definitely need them along the way.


4. Shirley Heights, Antiqua

It is the driest island of the Caribbean, and it is a perfect term to describe the trek. There is a wide range of lush green forests to walk through. This hiking is not uncomfortable like other islands. Antiqua includes a wide range of trails, and the best among them is Shirley Heights, as it offers the best views. 

The hiking trail begins at English Harbor, and it passes through volcanoes and rainforests. It is a difficult hike, but you will find it worth it when you reach the top. It is a popular tourist place with nearby bars and restaurants to provide a complete experience. 

5. Virgin Islands National Park, St. John

Almost two-thirds of the St.John island is a part of the Virgin Islands National Park. It is due to the rich history and natural beauty of the Island. The park contains approximately twenty trails, and most of them are not too long. 

The trails feature pristine beaches, rolling hills, and thick rainforest. You might discover hidden cabins, abandoned mills, and sugar plantations along the way.

6. Nevis Peak

If you love challenging hikes, then you should give a try to the Nevis Peak. It has 3,232 feet height, but the height is not the major concern. The hike starts near sea level, and it ends around three hours later at the highest peak. This is the reason it is considered one of the toughest excursions in the region. 

In order to reach the top, the hikers need to scramble over rocks and roots of trees, and they also need to use ropes occasionally. But when they reach the top, all the efforts are worth the view.



7. La Soufriere, St. Vincent

La Soufriere dominates the northern part of the island, and it renders amazing and challenging treks. It has a five-hour trek that goes through cloud forest and rainforest in order to desolate the landscape of steaming cauldrons and volcanic rocks. The trailhead begins along a beach and then rises steadily and finally leads to the summit. The travelers can feel the activities of the volcano under the ground at the summit. The trek includes lush, tropical forest, and the beauty of the Caribbean sea in all the directions. 

8. Jamaica

Jamaica might not be the first place that comes to your mind when you think of hiking and nature. However, beyond the reggae beats and bright lights of the coast, there is a heart of the lush green mountain that is the perfect destination to explore. 

In Jamaica, the trail of Blue Mountain Peak is the most famous. It provides you the opportunity to experience the famous Blue Mountain coffee.  

9. Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts is a famous national park, and most part of this park is covered in rainforest. The lush, green environment is home for a wide range of wildfires, including rare lizards, hummingbirds, and vervet monkeys. A number of trails that lead through the park feature natural springs, which make it an ideal trek. 

10. Saba

It features impregnable cliffs and is surrounded by a beautiful marine park. It is an excellent trek for people who love diving and hiking. Divers get to see beautiful views of turtles, colorful fish, and beautiful underwater mountains that are created by volcanic activities. Hikers get the opportunity to conquer Mount Scenery, an amazing dormant volcano that is covered in the beautiful cloud forest. 


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