Must-Do Things When You Travel To Prague

Must-Do Things When You Travel To Prague

Looking for some fun things to do in Prague? We are here to guide you around the beautiful city. 

Prague has so much to offer and you will be astounded to see the renaissance architect and Gothic grace of this place.

Dawdle around the riverbanks in the evening or explore the medieval streets during the daylight, if you find this is too tiring, spend some laidback quality time at famous restaurants enjoying Czech cuisine. 

From puppet shows to jazz music and pork knuckles we have covered all the fun things you can do in Prague. But before that let us first know a little about this beautiful city.

Where is Prague Located?

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic which is located in central Europe. Prague is the heart of the entire Europe. The gothic ebullience and glorious history of Prague makes it a city like no other. From famous beer to graffiti walls and the largest castle in the world, the city has so much to offer.

 Let’s dive into the historical streets of Prague. 

Infant Jesus of Prague

Situated in the Mala Strana in the centre of the Prague city, Child of Prague also known as Infant Jesus, is a Roman Catholic Statue of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of believers visit the shrine to bow, pray and make wishes for their well-being. The statue is covered with decorated golden shrines dating back to the 16th century.

Old Town Square

If you are looking for historic places to visit in Prague, then Old Town Square is a must visit. This area in Prague attracts a swarm of tourism.

Despite Prague’s invasion history, the Old Town Square is untouched since the 10th Century. It is a perfect place to get a feel of the city’s history and admire the architecture. Not only this you can try some famous cuisine at the restaurants or watch the musicians and performers entertaining the crowd. 

Walk across the Charles Bridge

If you are a firm believer of the saying “the best things in life are free”, then the perfect example of this is Charles Bridge in Prague. Enjoy a relaxing walk across this 14th century bridge for a memorable experience in Prague. 

Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle located in Hradcany is without a doubt the most popular tourism spot. This jaw-dropping castle in Prague was the home for Czech republic rulers and now an official residence of the president. The entry to the castle grounds is free although most buildings like Basilica of St. George and St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane require tickets. You can apply for a priority access by buying a ‘Skip the Line’ ticket and for a guided tour take a 2.5 Hour Tour ticket.

Golden Lane- A Heaven For Alchemist

Located inside the Prague Castle is the Golden Lane popularly known as the mysterious Golden Lane. According to historians and legends, the alchemists had to explore the street to find the reaction of turning materials into gold. However people still wonder whether the alchemists actually lived here or even worked. 

Eat Prague Cuisine

This should be the top most on your list of things to do in Prague. When it comes to food, Prague has so much to offer, especially for meat lovers. When you visit Prague city, you must try a dish called Kolene, it is basically a pork knee, and is a popular dish in Czech Republic. The mat is marinated in beer and served with pickled vegetables on the sides and a Czech dark bread. This aromatic and tender pork with crispy outer skin is worth a try.

Visit the KGB Museum

The KGB museum was established by a Russian and it houses a lot of memorabilia relating to the secrets of Soviet Union Police. Chances are that the collector himself might show you around the museum. Be ready to see a whole bunch of spy cameras, interrogation equipment and secret weapons of the KGB. you will also come across some interesting pictures clicked in 1968 by a KGB officer, in which the streets of Prague are strangely empty. 

Admire the Lennon Wall

 This is one of the fun places to see in Prague. If you are a fan of the Beatles then you should surely check out this place. Although it is far away from Liverpool, but is a popular shrine to the famous music band. The wall is covered with graffiti of John Lennon and The Beatles, quotations and lyrics from the 1980’s. This is a very famous prague tourism spot among the fans who wish to pay homage to the band. 

Enjoy a Puppet Show

Once you visit Prague you will soon realise that the people in Prague are very passionate about the puppets. The city owns more than 20 shops for specialised puppets and even a puppet museum. The love affair with the puppets in Czech Republic goes back to the 12 th Century.  Earlier these puppets were used to entertain the royal guests at the feasts and ceremonies.  The best places to see puppet shows in Prague are at the Theatre Spejbla, National Marionette Theatre and Hurvinek.

Go Cruising at the Vltava

The scenic view of Prague from the river Vltava is truly astonishing and a unique experience. You will get a good view of so many historical buildings and monuments from a different angle. The cruise in the Prague city is available at good prices and includes both lunch and dinner, depending on what time of the day you choose to embark. Escape the hustle of the city on a long cruise trip and enjoy the serenity of Prague on the quiet riverbanks of the Vltava river.

Enjoy the Famous Beer

The citizens of Czech republic boast about having the best beer in the world and Prague is a perfect city to test their claims. If you love beer then do not skip on the best things to do in Prague.  You will have a huge choice of bars in the city offering famous Czech lagers like Staropramen and Budvar along with craft beers from the top microbreweries in the country. 

Breweries have also started producing dark ale as an alternative to lagers. If you are a beer aficionado then visit Prague Beer Museum offering more that 31 different types of beer.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Prague

You cannot miss the nightlife when in Prague. The city is world renowned for Jazz and Classical music along with live music venues in Prague providing a good dose of entertainment. Go for a stroll on the riverside take a stop at JazzDock, to enjoy the best Jazz music by the best musicians. 

If you love clubbing, then hop in to the Cross Club, it is the best industrial nightclub in every sense. The interior of the club is jumbled with shafts, gadgets and cranks moving with the music. Have a whale of time with your friends at night. 

Watch Guard Changing

Want to have a good view, then visit the Castle at day time and watch the guard changing ceremony including flag ceremony and fanfare. These guards work for the Czech Republic president and have very strict recruitment policies including the height of (1.78 m to 1.88 m). These guards have unique uniforms  and the color varies with season (light blue in summer and dark blue in winter).

Climb Petrin Hill

Petrin hill is situated on the left bank of Vltava River, offering a mind-blowing view of the Prague city and all the greenest places in Prague. The walk to the top of the hill is pleasant with plenty of benches to rest and admire the view on your way up. You cannot miss this fun thing to do in Prague. If you dread walking so much you can also ride on a funicular railway to the top of Petrin Hill. you will spot a miniature of the Eiffel tower on top and beautifully landscaped gardens and also a St. Michael Church. 

Watch Skateboarders at the Letna Park

Letna park used to be home to a giant Stalin statue until it was destroyed in the 1960s. This has become a popular meeting spot for skateboarders. The park is situated in the riverbank of Letna Hill. Grab yourself a beer and relax on the park bench while watching the skateboarders.  

Cherish the Pickled Cheese

If you are a traveler and a foodie at the same time then you cannot and should not miss the Czech delicacy. Pickled cheese is a perfect companion to a chilled glass of pivo which makes it a classic in Czech pubs. It is a soft Camembert with edible rings covered with pickled oil, garlic, and spices and is served along with Czech fried bread and chili peppers. This is so creamy and hot at the same time and is a delicious addition to Czech cuisine. 

Test Your Skills at Mind Maze

Want to work up your mind with tricky practical mind games?Then add Mind Maze to your list of things to do in Prague. 

The Mind Maze is inspired by the Alchemist legends offering challenging situations to people. When you enter the Mind Maze, you will be locked in an Alchemist’s chamber for 60 minutes. You have to escape the maze by solving puzzles and riddles. 

In first look the chamber seems very old-fashioned and empty but as soon as you begin investigating the objects around you you will realize there is much going on in this small room. Take your friend along and have a fun time solving riddles to escape. 

Final Words:

Prague is a home to historical monuments and culture. If you are planning a trip to Prague, then the above-mentioned guide of things to do in Prague will be helpful. Follow this checklist to not miss out on anything and visit all the famous Prague tourism places.

If you have been to Prague let us know about your favorite place in the comments below!


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