Travel To Venice, Italy – Learn Best Things To Do In Venice

Travel To Venice, Italy – Learn Best Things To Do In Venice

One of the main reasons that so many people like to travel to Venice, Italy, is to completely lose themselves in the charming sight of Venezia. However, there are so many best places and landmarks that you should visit, such as Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. 

But you will find so much crowd in these places, so if you want to avoid crowds, then you should check our best low crowd Venice tour guide. 

You can visit different attractions on different days, by visiting small islands like Murano, Burano, and Lido. 

Taking out time to visit art will make your trip to Venice, Italy, a remarkable experience, as this city is full of beautiful art pieces and architectural designs.

I know you are in confusion about which places are best to visit in Venice. What are the things that you should not miss on your Venice trip? Thus, I have created the best things to do in Venice to help you get a better idea of must places to visit in Venice. 

Check out the places mentioned below and include these in your Venice travel list. 

Things To Do In Venice, Italy

visit to Venice, Italy

Grand Canal

Imagine yourself standing on the two-mile-long and beautiful Grand Canal. This is a highly popular place for photographing and capturing Venice’s best moments. 

Travelers also recommend that you should hire a gondolier to experience the most romantic ride in the Grand Canal. 

But this is expensive so keep in mind to bring extra money, as it will cost you about 80 to 100 Euros for a ride. 

However, if you have a low budget but you want to experience traveling in a water city. Then public waterbus or Vaporetto is a cheaper option. 

The Vaporetto line is the best option for travelers, and it will take you down to the Grand Canal that stops at the six sestieri (neighborhood) all the way. 

You can also purchase a Venezia Unica City Pass for affordable traveling throughout the city. The Perpetual crowd of Venice puts a damper on your city experience. Thus I recommend you to take a tour of the city during the evening for a good atmospheric ride. 

Whatever the type of transportation you find apt for you, the Grand Canal is one of the magnificent places to visit in Venice during your Europe tour

St. Mark’s Basilica

This is one of the most popular and elaborate churches in the world, which is located on the piazza of Venice city. 

St. Mark’s Basilica was built in the remembrance of St. Mark, who was an evangelist, and his belongings were brought from his home in Alexandria. These belongings hide in the pork barrels and cabbage leaves so that his soul rests in Venice, Italy. 

The architecture of this city incorporates various styles and designs that shine from every city. 

It has beautiful adornments, four bronze horses guarding the entrance. When you visit this place you will find looking in the center of the church there is a statue standing which is none other than St. Mark. 

Rialto Bridge

travel to Venice

When there was no such transportation available in the city, centuries ago, Rialto Bridge was the way to pass the Grand Canal. 

Now the city has four bridges that can help in crossing the Grand Canal, but Rialto Bridge is the most popular one. The incarnation of the Rialto Bridge is the extreme handiwork effort of Antonio da Ponte, beaten competition between Palladiolink and Michelangelo for getting this job. He built this bridge by using the Istrian stone when it was damaged many times in the past designs. 

However, some people also predict that this time the bridge is also going to collapse, but leaving all these critics, Rialto Bridge is still standing and has come in the list of best engineering work ever. 

Travelers recommend visiting Rialto Bridge to get the best experience either in the early morning or after the sunset. Another reason behind this is that it gets overly crowded during the middle of the day. 

However, if you are short of time or any other reason, Rialto Bridge is still a great experience even during the day.  

Also, most of the people suggest getting the views from the top of the bridge even after the crowd is maneuvering. 

No matter what the situation is, you have to visit Rialto Bridge if you are in Venice. 

Campanile di San Marco

This is the huge bell tower constructed in Venice during the early 20 century, in order to make a replica of the original one of the 16th century. The original architecture was perfect for setting up the telescope presentation of the Galileo Galilei. It was also a better stage for the tightrope walker that humorously dodged for the Flight of the Angel celebration. 

Now Campanile is famous for eye-soothing sights offering Venetian panorama. Most of the travelers recommend this place to visit during the Venice trip. 

To get the best views of the city, it is better to visit the place early in the morning and after the sunset.

This is the worth visiting attraction point of Venice that you must visit and capture the best moments of your Venice trip.

Teatro La Fenice

things to do in travel to Venice

It is one of the most famous opera houses in Italy. The interesting fact associated with this attraction point that it has faced its demise not just for the one time but thrice from the big fire. 

Although this opera house is recently renovated, it has Old World features, intricate old designs, gold interior, red velvet old design chairs. All these features make this place perfect for the Venice trip. This is one of the must place to visit during the Venice trip. 

Not only the architecture, but you will also see various dance and musical performances in the opera house that make your trip completely entertaining. 

St. Mark Square

It is also known by Piazza San Marco, is popular as the heart of the Venice city. It is the largest square place in Venice and is the only piazza of the city. Other squares of the city are called campo. 

There are so many historical attractions line on the square from Doge’s Palace to St. Mark’s Basilica to St. Mark’s Campanile. 

Not only the historical attractions, but there are also several restaurants and eatery points, which you can enjoy viewing while sipping your favorite wine. 

With all these food and architectural designs, you will find several other things like vendors selling special items of Italy, other countries’ tourists, and pigeons on the architectural monuments. 

Likewise, in other places, the best time to visit St. Mark Square is in the early morning hours or during the evening. This is to avoid the time crowd as well as experience the real beauty of the place. 

Bridge Of Sighs

This connects Doge’s Palace to several other dungeons, used for transferring prisoners from the courtroom to prisons. 

Bridge of Sighs is named after the prisoners’ sighs as they transfer to the prison and look at the world for a time. 

There is also a saying that if lovers kiss others on a gondola, God will grant them eternal bliss and long-lasting relationship. 

So many travelers suggest this place to visit on your Venice trip. However, some others say not as it is a small space, and there come lots of crowds that may hamper your vacation vibes. 

Doge’s Palace

If you are planning to visit Venice, the Doge’s Palace should be on your list. The Venetian Lagoon is the best place to view the beauty and ethereal look of the Doge’s Palace. 

This is the Palace where all the government executions take place. Doge’s Palace was the place of all government execution to deal with the affairs related to the Venetian leaders. 

As Doge’s Palace is located in the busy area, St Mark’s Square, you will see their enormous traffic that is coming from all over the world. 

It is also possible that you will see a long queue around the Palace, so make sure to buy a ticket in advance. In case if it is not possible to buy a ticket in advance, then make sure that you arrive early. In such a case buy a ticket for you and your fellow trip members before the crowd arrives. 

Most of the visitors of Doge’s Palace talk about the beauty and carvings of this enormous architecture. This is an elaborate piece of artwork that will make everyone’s eyes wide open. Many travelers also suggest getting the guided tour so that you don’t miss history behind the Palace. There are three tours held in the Palace in English for about one hour and 15 minutes you only have a ticket, and you will not get access to the guided tour. 

Jewish Ghetto

best things to do in Venice

During 1516, Jewish living in Venice were forced and threatened to move to the small northwestern part of the island. This is considered as the first ghetto of the world when residents leave the town only during the day. If they do not reach the destination, they are locked for the entire night and guarded by the security person. 

Now this area became the part and tourist spot of the Cannaregio sestiere and has various restaurants, eatery options, and shops lined on the street. 

There is also a Jewish museum with several synagogues that all open during the touring times. You can wander around this area without paying any cost. If you want to get a deeper historical tour of Jewish Ghetto, then don’t forget to book a walking tour like Viator. 

Academy Gallery

First, it was an academy, but later on, Napoleon turned this place into the Academy Gallery or popularly known as Galleria dell’Accademia. 

Today this gallery displays the most expensive art collections of the Venetian from 14 to 18 centuries. Gallery mostly contains pieces by artists like Tintoretto, Veronese, and Bellini. 

If you like to enjoy Renaissance artwork, then you are going to like visiting this Museum. In case you are not a lover of such artwork, then you may get bored, and your time will waste visiting there. Instead, you can enjoy the other tourist and historical attractions of Venice. 

Travelers who love visiting this Museum are most art enthusiasts and have a good understanding of Renaissance art. Thus, do not come in the influence of such suggestions and spend your time during the Venice vacation for the places you like to visit. 

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

It is also called as the Frari, church in the Venice design in the gothic style during the 14th century. The exterior of this church is minimal with the comparison of Saint Mark’s Basilica as the people who were building this church want the building to be in a design that depicts the life of living with minimal things and a life of poverty. 

 However, the interior of the church contains the artwork by famous artists like Bellini, Vivarini, and Titian. They finish the work of this Museum at cheaper rates than the art museum of the Venetian city. 

Peggy Guggenheim

Peggy Guggenheim was an ex-pat American artistic work collector, dedicated her entire life in the art collection. She collected impressive art bodies of the contemporary art era of the 20th century. 

This place is the house of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni situated near the Grand Canal. Displays artwork by great artists like Picasso, Magritte, Chagall, Dali, and Pollock. 

There is a sculpture garden where you can pay respect to the late lady Miss Peggy with her beloved late dog, buried near her casket. 

Many travelers suggest visiting the Peggy Guggenheim artwork collection gallery as a worthy visit. Other visitors also say that it is a highly interesting experience to know about the highly creative collection of Peggy. She has collected exceptional artworks of the great artist that might not be available in any other museum. 

It is one of the most things that you do in Venice. Also, most of the visitors say it will enhance your overall trip experience and add on a remarkable memory. 

Correr Civic Museum

It is a huge museum in Venice city that displays the artifacts and art pieces that are related to the history of Venice itself. This Museum is also famous with the name of Museo Correr that has art collections of the former royal quarters. 

If you are also planning a visit to the Doge’s Palace, then the ticket also includes the entry fee of Correr Civic Museum also. 

Most of the visitors say that they get mesmerized with the beauty and the artwork display in the Museum. 

They all highly enjoyed the visit to this Museum and have learned so many things about Venice history. 

It is also a peaceful and quiet place that allows you to merge in the history of Venice and royal families of the city completely. 

Also, there is less crowd, which makes this attraction point must visit in Venice city. There is also an on-site cafeteria so that you can enjoy your favorite hot coffee without any rush around you. 

Tip – There is a combined ticket of St. Mark’s Square Museum includes entries for the Doge’s Palace, Museo Archeological Nazionale, Monumental room of Biblioteca Marciana, and Museo Correr. It will cost you 20 euros per adult head, 13 euro per kid of age 6 to 14. 

Final Words

These are one of the best attraction points in Venice, Italy, that you must visit during your Venice vacation trip. 

If you are confused about where to wander in the city and how to make your Venice trip remarkable. Then these above are the must place to visit during the Venice tour. 

It is not only mine but also the high recommendation for places in Venice city that you can include in the list of things to do in Venice, Italy.


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