Life-Saving Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Life-Saving Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Backpacking is an adventurous activity which is a mix of hiking and camping. It broadens the horizon of your trip beyond the campground and lets you immerse in a outdoor experience. But when backpacking you need to follow some tips and tricks to make everything along the way easier for you. 

To solve this problem we have come up with a useful list of backpacking hacks. We have included everything from the right backpacking to how to backpack light, essential things to carry and so on. 

What is Backpacking?

Backpacking is a type of low cost and independent travel that includes staying in cost effective lodgings and carrying along the necessary possessions in backpack. It was once seen as marginal travel type but now it has become a necessary form of tourist activity.

Lets jump right into the the list of backpacking tips:

Below we have mentioned the best backpacking hacks to make your trip convenient. 

Find the right backpack.

The first thing you need to take care of is buying the right size of the backpack. A backpack does not feel good without any weight. Try out different types of backpacks and wear them around your home with weight in it. Avoid buying online and go to the store to try in person.

Choose the right Gear.

Yes, we know, buying lightweight gear is quite expensive. However, it’s better to save as much weight as you can. If you dont want to buy the gear, you can opt to rent them. 

The right type of gear includes:

Lightweight tent– A three-man tents can fit more than four people. If you are planning a group trip, then carry different sets of the tent to split up the weight. 

Sleeping Bag- Also carry a lightweight sleeping bag with you. It is ways better to overdo rather undergoing. When it is too cold, sleeping becomes almost impossible.

Bring Meals with Heavy Calories

This is among the best backpacking tips and is a life savior. Food will make up for most of your backpacks’ weight. Try to carry food that will rejuvenate you while on a hike. Take along oatmeal, protein bars to provide energy and calories, fruits, nuts for lunchtime. Instant backpack meals and ready to eat foods are also a good option. 

Pack All your Medications

Travelling will make you sick, and this is something that is invincible. When it happens, you won’t find any medical store near you. It’s better to take along the medications you regularly take and also some extras. It’s better to be safe than sick.

 Don’t Pack Entire Wardrobe 

We all prefer to look nice on our trips. But carrying your casual outfits, semi-casual outfits the matching shoes is not possible. This is where backpacking light comes into play. When backpacking, always remember, less is more and simplicity is the best. Want to know how to backpack light? 

The best backpacking tips that we can give you is packing versatile clothes. Carry basic clothing pieces like jeans, tops, and black pieces that go with almost everything. 

Remember, you are going on a backpacking trip, and packing light is the only way to utilize limited space. Do not carry anything that you will wear only once. Bring clothes that you will wear many times and suit on multiple occasions. This way, you will be able to achieve a balance between functionality and fashion.  

Get Familiar with Public Toilets

Imagine you are on a backpacking trip and you cannot find a place to use a washroom, especially in foreign countries during holidays. It is always a good idea to know where are the public toilets situated in the city you are traveling to. For instance, shopping centers have toilets, hotel lobbies, that too, with a proper cleanliness scale. You can also try food places in case of emergency however, these might not be the cleanest and may also charge a small fee. These backpacking tips and tricks can come in very handy. 

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Carry Plastic Bags

Having a wet towel or undergarment lying around in your backpack is the worst thing ever. Can you think of better backpacking hacks to pack your dirty wet clothes from lovely clean ones while traveling? Well, say hello to plastic bags. Carry a couple of plastic bags with you, as they carry minimum space and has multiple uses. Always carry plastic bags as they come in handy in case of emergencies.

Roll up Clothes For Packing

People always try to follow minimalist backpacking tips and tricks by avoiding random things. But they often fail. It is inevitable to keep extra clothes, keepsakes, and souveniers, all of which end up taking a lot of space in your bags. 

The best backpacking hacks to solve this problem is to roll up the clothes so that they can fit in compactly without getting wrinkled. You can even wrap your clothes around the valuable for extra protection like that precious bottle of Vodka and Souvenir whiskey glasses. There is nothing like too much precautious when it comes to protection.

Don’t Forget Entertainment 

Whether you are going on a scenic road trip or jet-setting, you will have a lot of downtimes when in transit. Even if you are going on a short trip it calls for the need o entertainment to occupy the mind. If you are a movie fanatic then dont forget to carry a laptop, phone, or tablet with lots of TV shows and movies to watch along the way. If you like reading then carry your favorite book with you or maybe a new one. You can also bring a video game, puzzles, or a journal to write till you reach your end destination.



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