Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando is One of Florida’s Best Water Parks

 Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando is One of Florida’s Best Water Parks

SeaWorld has created one of the most popular water parks in the world. It is a fanciful and one-of-a-kind waterpark that offers fascinating experiences to the visitors. Now the question is, what makes this waterpark different from the others? Aquatico is a fabulous combo of wide sandy beaches, high-speed thrills, close animal encounters, and waters flowing from calm to extreme. 

Spread in an area of 59 acres, Aquatica offers different types of rides for people belonging to different age groups. It also offers amazing thrills amid the atmosphere of the South Sea Islands.

One of the most famous rides of Aquatica is Dolphin Plunge. The ride features side-by-side body slides that take the riders through a pool with Commerson’s dolphins. The island features the idea of interacting with the dolphins. The rides in the water park include dolphins swimming near the tubes. There is often a long line for the ride, but it is worth the wait.

What’s New at Aquatica Orlando?

The Kare-Kare Curl at the water park of SeaWorld is something new to explore. It was opened in 2019, and it resembles a halfpipe like a ramp. In this slide, passengers slid down a tube in a two-passenger raft slide. Then they soar up an almost vertical wall where they get an opportunity to experience a brief moment of airtime. After this, they slid into a tube, and finally, they reach the exit. This entire experience completes only in 20 seconds or less. 

A Not-so-Lazy River 

The ride is not the only way to interact with the dolphins; there is Aquatica’s Lazy river, which is one of the amazing attractions at the water park. This river includes an underwater window into the pool of dolphins. This route passes through an aquarium of beautiful and colorful African fish.

Apart from colorful fish and dolphins, the water park also features different animals, including anteaters, tortoises. Aquatica also offers twin wave pools that provide the experience of different waves. It has a fantastic river Roa’s Rapids that is quite long, fast, and a lot of fun. In this river, riders just opt to go with the flow in order to encounter sudden surges, geysers, and other amazing diversions. 

Aquatica also a Walkabout Water, which is an immense play station featuring water cannons and different spritzing doodads. 

How Does Aquatica Compare to Other Water Parks?

Aquatica is one of the finest and famous water parks in Florida. It might not be lush like Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (Or Discovery Cove park of SeaWorld), but it is amazing and worth exploring. 

The most amazing slides at Aquatica are Ilhu’s Breakaway Falls. It is a drop tower that comprises launch capsules. Other slides are Ray Rush, which is a raft slide that includes a halfpipe element and a mini-bowl. 

The South Sea theme of Aquatica is beautiful and astonishing, and its feature of including differret animals make it different from other water parks. Aquatica is an innovative water park different from the traditional ones that only hold water. 

What’s to Eat?

The park has three restaurants that offer delicious foods; The Banana Beach Cookout restaurant offers an amazing deal. The guests are allowed to return to the restaurant as many times as they want throughout the day to enjoy the meal.

Tickets and Admission Info

You need to take a separate admission for Aquatica. It is not included in the admission for SeaWorld Orlando for Aquatica. The park offers tickets at reduced prices for children belonging to the age group of 3 to 9. Tickets for kids at the age of 2 and below are free, 

If you want to explore the other parks, then you can opt for buying bundled tickets as they are available at a discount. The tickets allow you to visit Busch Gardens or SeaWorld. 

On busy days like weekends, you can opt for buying Quick Queue. It is a program to skip the line of the park for tickets. 

Operating Schedule and Location

Aquatica is open throughout the year. However, it is not open on some Mondays and Tuesdays in the months of November and December. In order to know the exact operating hours, you should check with Aquatica. 

 Aquatica is located next to SeaWorld Orlando. The accurate address is 500, Water Play Way, Orlando, Florida. 



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