The Most Haunted Places In India

The Most Haunted Places In India

Have you ever encountered any paranormal activity in real? Did you ever visit cursed places and felt something spooky?

If you believe in ghost stories, then here we have listed the most haunted places in India. These places are the scariest places to visit.

 In this article, we have mentioned real ghost stories, including abandoned forts of the king, mines, scariest hotels, spooky villages, and other unheard mysteries that will scare the hell out of you!

If you believe in god, then you must also believe in paranormal activities. India is the world-famous place to explore haunted places. These places would give your spinal chills.

List of the Most Haunted Places in India

India’s most haunted places include luxurious hotels, hospitals, courts, and metro stations. Have a look at these scariest places that will give you Goosebumps by their real spooky stories.

Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

 Bhangarh Fort is located in Alwar, Rajasthan. The ghost story about Bhangarh is real and approved by ASI. It is also one of the most haunted places in the world. Archaeologists prove that it is not safe to go inside the fort after sunset.

It is believed that it’s a cursed place. In the 16th century, a tantric Singhia fell in love with the beauty of fort’s princess Ranawati. He played tricks to get her by black magic. But when the princess heard his evil practices, she ordered him murdered. The old fort abandoned after the death of tantric. He cursed the whole fort and village that all people who live here will rot and die roofless.

Due to the black magic and curse, the whole fort went down slowly and got ruined. Archaeologists prove that if you go there after sunset, you might not return.

Barren Kuldhara village

Rajasthan has many paranormal places to visit that can scare the hell out of you!

Kuldhara village is an abandoned, deserted village that will give you spooky chills. It is located near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The Kuldhara village has quite a similar love story as bhangarh. The minister of the village had fallen in love with the girl from Kuldhara village. He tried all means to win her. He even imposed heavy taxes on the whole village. Due to such evil practices, the villagers cursed entire land to remain barren and unoccupied to save the honour of the village’s girl.

Spooky Dow Hill, Kurseong in West Bengal

Dow hill, kurseong, is considered to be the most haunted place of Darjeeling. It is believed that Dow hill girl’s boarding school is the scariest place. The tourists and locals have heard footsteps sound echoing over hallways. Many murdered bodies found in the woods surrounding the Dow hill. It is believed that if you go there, you will be followed by a headless boy who suddenly disappears in the woods.

Mysterious Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas beach is the mysterious black sand island. The mystery behind this spooky island is still unsolved. This beach was once a Hindu burial ground. But it is believed that if you go there and hear the dead’s voices, you will get disappear forever in the shore of the beach. It also comes under the world-famous paranormal sites. Locals have also noticed the crying sound of evil souls trying to capture you underwater.

Paranormal site Jatinga, Assam

 Jatinga is a small village with a scarce population of 2500 to 3000 people. It is believed that massive birds drop from the sky in a particular area in September and October.

The scientists are unable to solve the reason behind this mysterious pattern of the plummet. If you go there to see those birds, you will make you stunned!

Abandoned Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie, is an abandoned mine that crumbled down by the hazardous working conditions. Due to accidents and lack of safety regulations, many workers died. And it is believed that their soul screams loud to haunt and express their grief. The tourists and locals heard strange voices and felt cold visiting the tunnels.

Agrasen Ki Baoli in New Delhi  

Agrasen Ki Boali is an architectural masterpiece, haunted by evil demons and spirits. The tourists and locals have noticed the haunted shadows following their way. If you go there, you will feel uncanny dread.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is the most famous film city constructed over the burial land of the sultanate’s dead soldiers. The film city is now haunted by the spirits of those soldiers who died and buried there. Tourists have noticed many scariest events such as lights go off suddenly, equipment and antiques get destroyed.

Paranormal D’Souza Chawl in Mumbai

D’Souza chawl is located in the populated area in Mumbai. The residents have noticed the paranormal activities. They reported that they saw a lady around the streets at night that vanishes before sunrise. The Chawl’s Locals believe that she was the same lady who once fell into the well while taking out water.

Bombay high court  

This mysterious Bombay high court is one of the most haunted places to visit. It is believed that one of the courtrooms is ruled and possessed by a tortured soul. The lawyers have noticed an evil spirit who resists the entry of people who are accused of murder cases. This is why every murder case in that courtroom remains unsolved due to the restriction of accused ones.

Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

Brij Raj Bhavan is an old and haunted palace. It is believed that the palace is home to harmless spirits. Spirit of the men lurks around the corridors without doing any harm to customers or residents. He tends to protect the Bhavan by slapping those night guards who sleep on their work.

GP Block in Meerut   

GP block is famous for the presence of many ghosts on the same block. Locals and travelers have noticed girls’ spirits in red dresses and men drinking alcohol outside the building’s entrance. All have seen them, but no one can find out who they really are!  

It is believed that if you are strong or brave by heart, the spirits will get disappear from your sight.

Ghostly Graveyard, Dagshai

This graveyard is home to a blessed soul. Not all spirits are evil; some are also good who can help you spiritually. It is believed that in this graveyard, a pregnant wife of a British officer was buried. And a marble structure of that woman blesses all ladies with a baby boy.

Charleville Mansion in Shimla

Charleville mansion is an old castle built in the British time. The British officer victor and his wife rented this house in the year 1913. Later they noticed paranormal activities in one room of the mansion. They got to know ghost stories from locals. And when they opened the room after some days, they found massive destruction inside the room. Many evident have conformed this mansion as one of the haunted places to visit India.

Delhi Cantonment Spooky Area by Night   

Delhi cantonment is a densely green area; you can enjoy your journey at daylight. But what if you wish to go at night?

It is not safe at night; you should take care of the spookiness and uncanny feelings. Locals and travelers have noticed the woman standing by the roadside in a white sari asking for a lift. If you stop to give a lift, she will ruin your lives!

Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Malcha Mahal is one of the scariest places to visit in Delhi. The ghost story about this mahal is quite different. The princess of malcha mahal committed suicide by eating a grounded diamond. Locals say that if anyone dares to go inside the mahal, never return alive. Her spirit lurks around the pathways of this mahal to haunt the area ever since.

Chandan Nagar, Pune – Haunted Girl

Chandan Nagar is the most haunted street of Pune. It was a real story of a girl who died during building construction. And after her death, her soul roams around the locality. Locals believe that her spirit haunts that place ever since. The young girl seems to be dressed in a red blood-stained white frock and holding a haunted doll in her hands. Don’t roam around the locality at night if you are not brave enough to handle the haunted spirit’s sight.

Raj Kiran Hotels in Lonavala

Night stay in Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala will make your spinal chilled. The guests of raj Kiran hotels have noticed paranormal activities in their rooms. Many of them complained that their bedsheets get pulled by someone at night, which is very horrifying and annoying. It is believed that the ground floor of the hotel is haunted. If you are going there for a night stay; check all the precautions to be made before a haunted stay.  

The Golkonda Fort  

The Golkonda fort is located at the edge of the city Hyderabad. It is one of the most haunted places where you cannot visit after sunset. It is said by locals that woman dance inside the fort at night. They have also heard strange screams and sounds. If you go there after sunset, you will feel strange cold winds.

Final Words-

These are some of the most haunted places in India, wholly based on real ghost stories. You must visit India to explore these abandoned and cursed places. In this article, we have listed the scariest places to visit that can give you cold chills. You will be stunned to experience the haunted paranormal activities at these sites. We hope the above list helps you know more about paranormal sites and ghost stories of India. Comment down below, which haunted site you like the most!

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