The 10 Best Hiking Trails in Alaska

The 10 Best Hiking Trails in Alaska

Landscapes of Alaska are best for people who love hiking. The place features eight huge national parks and varied public lands. People get the opportunity to explore a wide range of hiking trails with stunning views. Here is a list of ten best hiking trails in Alaska.

1. Lost Lake Trail

It is one of the 33 trails that are found in the Chugach National Forest. This trail includes multiple terrains, and it begins from the rainforest and takes you to the meadows through the lakes. The trail is quite easy to explore in summers, as it becomes challenging in winters with the addition of ice and snow. 

2. Chilkoot Trail

Chilkoot trail provides a wide range of reasons for the hikers to get excited. It is an amazing choice for day hikers who want to explore the best backcountry of Alaska. The trail is also an amazing outdoor museum as it includes ancient archeological and cultural sites along the way. 

3. The Lower Trail

The Lower Trail is also known as the “Edge of the Glacier Trail.” It is one of the best hikes and trails in Alaska. The route of this trail is short and flat. The best part about this trail is that it takes the hikers to Exit Glacier that is situated in Kenai Fjords National Park. You should give a try to this trail if you are visiting the park. 

4. Indian River Trail

This enchanting trail is a short distance from Sitka. The length of the trail is 4.4 miles, and at one end it  features a waterfall 70-foot hieght. The trail also features the path of the Indian River that makes its way by carving through an Alaskan rainforest. 

5. Flattop Mountain 

If you are looking for a trail in Anchorage that is not far from the town, then it is the best trail for you. The trail starts from Bear Lake and heads to the Chugach State Park and then finally leads to the Flattop Mountain. It is one of the most visited peaks in Alaska.

6. Skyline Trail 

Skyline trail is a moderate climb that can be completed in around one hour. This trail is best to explore in April and September as the weather is favorable during this time. In these months you can see wildflowers. You can also get a glimpse of Anchorage on a clear day from the summit.

7. Crow Pass

The crow pass trail starts from Girdwood and ends at the Eagle River Nature Center. It offers the best scenery and views of the Chugach mountains and requires a couple of days to hike. There is an alternative of four miles also, but if you want to explore the old mine ruins, Raven Glaciers, and Raven Gorge, then it is better to complete the full journey.

8. Winner Creek 

The Winner Creek trail includes lower and upper trails. The lower trail is mainly flat and includes a distance of approximately eight miles. It is an amazing trail if you want to enjoy nature but don’t want to climb. The upper trail is around 18 miles, which means it includes a full day hike featuring varied challenges and a random water crossing. 

9. Resurrection Pass

The Resurrection Pass is around 30-miles long, and it requires a five days walk. The trail features towering waterfalls, beautiful valleys, and alpine lakes. The trail provides the amazing sight of the Kenai Mountains. Though the trail is moderately challenging, it is one of the best ways to explore the backcountry of Alaska. 

10. Kesugi Ridge Trail

Kesugi Ridge Trail requires 4-5 days to complete and it covers a distance of around 29.2 miles. The trail also includes Denali State Park, and it is one of the best trails to explore in Alaska. The trail features rainforests, mountain views, open tundra, and much more. 


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