Best Hostels In Barcelona For Budget Stay

Best Hostels In Barcelona For Budget Stay

Only a few destinations bring crowds like Barcelona. Barcelona is an incredible city and not only limited to Spain but the entire world. It is home to buzzing nightlife, stunning architecture, and a delectable food scene. This picturesque city will have your heart forever. However the city can be quite expensive, that is why we have come up with the list of best hostels in Barcelona.

No matter what budget you hold, enjoy the laid back life in this beautiful city with ease. 

When selecting hostels, consider these points:

  • Location- Barcelona is a big city. Pick a hostel that is situated close to the central sites and the best nightlife places for the best experience.
  • Price- In Barcelona, you get what you pay for, for real! If you pick a cheap place, the Hostel will most probably be small and cramped with no great services.
  • Amenities- Every Hostel in the city offers free Wi-Fi and free breakfast. If you are looking for more services, do thorough research before finding the best Hostel for you.
  • Staff- The hostels listed here have an amazing staff who are knowledgeable and equally friendly. Check the reviews of the Hostel that you pick, whether the staff is friendly and helpful. 

Best Hostels In Barcelona

To help you plan the best budget trip to Barcelona, we have mentioned some of the best hostels you will love. 

St.Christopher’s Inn

This is one of the most popular hostels in Europe. St. Christopher’s Inn is a very lively and social hostel located near La Rambla. The Hostel has a huge bar with a big common area outdoors. This Hostel in Barcelona organizes daily events as well. The beds are super cozy with nice and firm mattresses that will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. This is one of the cleanest and comfiest hostels in Barcelona, Spain.

Main Features:

  • The huge outdoor and common bar area
  • Privacy Curtains that offer decent sleep
  • Private and secure Female-Only dorms.

Hostel One Paralelo

This Hostel in Barcelona is the most suitable for solo travelers. One Paralelo is among the best hostels in Barcelona, which hosts free dinners, daily activities, nightly events, and friendly staff. You will have access to individual common rooms to work and chill along with a movie room with Netflix premium. The Beds are super cozy, and one dorm is capped with eight beds, So no more worries about cramming.  

Main features:

  • Relaxing social atmosphere
  • Free dinners
  • Chance to meet other travelers

Kabul Party Hostel

Kabul will become your favorite Hostel in Barcelona. This Hostel is a full-on party place with pub crawls and nightly events. You will always find clean dorms and beds clean. The one thing that makes Kabul the best among all the hostels in Barcelona and Spain is a giant common area. The common area takes up almost the entire building floor and has a bar, cafe, pool table, and internet kiosk.

Main Features:

  • Easy to meet lots of people
  • Organizes many activities
  • Lively atmosphere

Hello BCN

This Hostel in Barcelona is very social with a super friendly staff that goes above and beyond to keep the guests happy. BCN offers free breakfast with a lot of common areas that feature board games and ping pong, so you never get bored. This Hostel also provides discounts to the city’s nightclubs. You will get a kitchen to cook your own meals, in case you want to, and also electronic wrist bands to ensure safety and security in the Hostel. The mattress is pretty comfy with an extra private female-only dorm.

Main Features:

  • A lot of events
  • Free breakfast
  • Helpful staff

One Ramblas

Like other hostels on this list, Ramblas is another social hostel perfect for solo travelers. This place offers free dinners and breakfasts are very cheap. The best is super comfy; you will get a decent sleep at night. One great thing about this Hostel is that it is situated close to the metro station. You will get a fully equipped kitchen, with a super awesome staff. When in this Hostel, you will get a chance to take part in daily night outs and walking tours.

Main Features:

  • Nice place to meet travelers
  • Free dinners
  • Daily activities and events

360 Hostel Barcelona Arts & Culture

If you love cooking, then 360 Hostel is where you should stay. This Hostel offers free cooking classes and tapas every Thursday. You will find a beautiful patio to chill on with so many other places to hang out and lounge on, and not to forget the free dinners. However, the bunks and beds are not the best quality, but you will get lockers in every room. You will feel at home with the bustling crowd.

Main Features:

  • Super clean
  • Free dinner
  • A lot of activities

Fabrizzio’s Petit

This is one of the most social hostels in Barcelona with a real family vibe to it. You will get free breakfast and communal dinners every night. As if this was not enough, take part in walking tours in different parts of Barcelona every day. With a big spacious outdoor terrace and a chilling area along with video games, you are sure to never get bored. The dorms are super basic with thin mattresses, but the beds are comfy in private rooms. 

Main Features:

  • Awesome showers
  • Communal dinners
  • Daily events
  • Free breakfast

Yeah Hostel Barcelona 

This Barcelona hostel is full of energetic vibes with cool interior design. Take part in daily walking tours, chill with fellow travelers in bars, and pub crawls; this Hostel offers so much. If you like quiet and peaceful, then you will have access to some peaceful areas too where you can relax. The Hostel is super modern and clean, with tons of space to hangout. Yeah, Hostel offers communal dinner with private female-only dorms and comfy beds.

Main Features:

  • Free drinks
  • Female only dorms
  • Daily tours
  • Pub crawls

Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia

This is the coolest Hostel in Barcelona. You will see a big stage with multiple instruments to play music, and also an indoor skate ramp. The entire hostel campus is covered in art and murals. They organize pub crawls and night parties and have a spacious Kitchen, outdoor lounge with a big TV. However, the dorms are quite small, but the mattress is super comfy. Sant Jordi Hostels is located in the heart of Barcelona. This is among the coolest hostels in Barcelona, Spain.

Main Features:

  • Pub crawls
  • Awesome Interior
  • Fully Equipped kitchen

Bed & Bike Barcelona

One unique thing about this Barcelona hostel is that it offers a free bike tour every morning of the entire city. You will also get free dinner and sangria nights, which keep the atmosphere lively and energetic. Bed and Bike Hostel is just 5 minutes away from La Sagrada and La Rambla. There are small cubby beds with curtains to add extra privacy. The common lounge area is super cill and spacious with Netflix and TV, books, a pool table, and lots of video games. You will have access to free tea and coffee all time.

Main Features:

  • Great Location
  • Free Bike Tours
  • Fun Activities

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

This is a very laid back youth hostel, perfect for young and new travelers. This Hostel hosts Mediterranean-themed dinner, every night pub crawls and walking tours every day. With a movie room, outdoor courtyard, and chill lounge area with video games, the Mediterranean youth hostel has it all. One deal-breaker about this Hostel in that the dorm rooms are cramped with no privacy. It is among the most budget-friendly hostels in the entire city. 

Main Features:

  • Great location
  • Organizes events
  • Many common areas

Sleep Green Eco Youth Hostel

One of the most eco-friendly and best sustainable hostels in Barcelona. It is a laid-back and quiet hostel with a fully equipped kitchen and a great common area to meet and hangout with other travelers. This is not a very social hostel, which makes it suitable for digital nomads looking to get work done while traveling. The beds are made of metal accompanied by a super comfy mattress. One dorm has only six beds, which makes it spacious. 

Main Features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Quiet
  • Fully Equipped kitchen 

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Final Words:

Barcelona is a city of energetic vibes, which draws millions of visitors and travelers every year. Yet this city can be quite expensive if not planned properly. Lucky for You! We have listed some of the best hostels in Barcelona, Spain, after thorough research. Save extra bucks and make the most of your time in this beautiful city!


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