The Islamic home loans are mainly considered to be a type of loan that is more expensive than the traditional home loans. Though this was a bit true in the earlier times, but in the recent few years, this has become a myth. The Shariah compliant finance has come to a complete circle starting from the period of 70’s while this was started with the widespread acceptance of this finance because of the high quality finance products.


A few things that you should know about the Islamic home loans:


The Islamic mortgage or the house purchase plans include ijara where the loan borrower technically leases a property from the bank or diminish Musharaka where the loan borrower purchases a property with the bank and after that the monthly repayments made by the loan borrower help him to buy out the property. In case of a standard mortgage, the loan borrower needs to have a deposit as well as needs the property or the house to be valued before entering into the arrangement.


The Islamic home loans mostly come with some unique benefits that are not offered by the conventional mortgages. If you count on the benefits of the Islamic home financing, you will find that this loan type is quite cheaper than the conventional home loans. But to avail the benefits, you have to avoid all the mistakes that can make you spend a lot.


Mistakes to become aware of while availing the Islamic home loans:

  • Not using the realty search sites that include Muslim community: It is important to look for the realty sites that include Muslim communities in the search results. Apart from looking for good neighborhoods, it is important to find good communities for both you and your family to grow in.
  • Overlook all the Islamic home finance companies: While it comes to opting for home loans, most of the Muslim homebuyers consider the conventional mortgages instead of the Islamic mortgage. The reasons behind it are that some of them are not aware of the Islamic home loan companies and others are in the misconception that the Islamic home financing is more expensive than the traditional home loans. But the Islamic home financing is competitively priced and affordable as it Shariah compliant.
  • Not hiring the right agent: It is necessary to find out the right agent, who is ready to assist you through the entire home buying process. It is possible to find the reliable agents through the established community relationships.